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Penthouse #2000

Rates & Availability

What are Holds on Dates?

#2000  A v a i l a b i l i t y


Check in Time: 4pm

Check out time: 11am

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How do I Book?

#2000  C u r r e n t   R a t e s

Fri, Sat, Sun




Arrive on ANY day of the week you’d like!



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How do I book?  

Is there a contract to sign?

When is the balance due?

How do I get the keys?

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#2000 sleeps 4 in regular beds.  If you are all adults 6 is the max number of people allowed.  If you are a family with children 7 is the absolute max allowed.

To arrive at a COMPLETE TOTAL simply add the one time $195 fee for cleaning, laundering & processing to ANY stay.  

Rates are based on 4 guests or less.  Add $40 per night per additional guest (REGARDLESS OF AGE).

Expanded info on Reservations

*  20% down to make a reservation.

*  Balances are due 60 days prior to arrival, except for Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.

*  Quotes given via email will typically reflect exactly what you see here in the rates section.

*  If a quote via email is different from what you see in the rates section, that quote is good for a period of 10 days.  

*  To book online, click on “Book Online” at the top right of any page on the site.

*  Any price you received via email already includes the $195 fee.

*  Separate and refundable damage deposit: $300 (charged when balance is due, not when you book).  This is processed back to your card 7 days after departure.  Once processed, credits from any vendor take about 3 business days to post.

*  If your dates fall between rate changes the amount of the rental is pro-rated accordingly.

*  Minimum Age Requirement to book: 27

*  For Weekly Rates, this does not mean you cannot stay more than 7 nights.  For extra nights you do NOT pay the nightly rate.  You get a price per night that is lower, it is based on the weekly rate.  For stays that are longer than 7 nights (cost of each extra night = weekly rate divided by 7).

*  You ARE NOT required to arrive and depart on a Saturday.  However for March and April bookings it is best that you first email me, Tim, at cancun3000@gmail.com

For holiday bookings please review these additional details prior to booking.

































Jan 7 - Feb 6:

Feb 7 - March 9:

March 10-April 15:

April 16 - May 19:

May 20 - June 16:

June 17 - Aug 22

Aug 23 - Sept 9:

Sept 10 - Oct 31:

Nov 1 - Dec 17:

Christmas Week:

New Years Week:

5 night minimum stay

5 night minimum stay

5 night minimum stay

5 night minimum stay

5 night minimum stay

5 night minimum stay

4 night minimum stay

3 night minimum stay

5 night minimum stay

7 night minimum stay

7 night minimum stay