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Wet’nWild Water Park

Where: Wetnwild

Hotel Zone - kilometer 25

Cost: $49 per person 12 & older

Cost: $43 for kids 3-11

Kids 2 & under free

Substantial Discounts are offered online frequently, be sure to check.

Includes: Food and drinks including alcoholic drinks.

Note: Kids 12-17 pay adult price even though no access to alcohol.

Hours: 10am-5pm

From the resort:  3 miles South

Comments:  Some may argue that water parks are for long weekends, not for while you’re in Cancun.  My opinion is that kids absolutely love water parks, especially younger kids.  They burn off energy all day long and have a blast doing it.  Meanwhile Mom and Dad can chill out and enjoy some tasty drinks, all included in the price.

Sometimes promotional pricing is offered online.  If you plan on paying when you arrive I suggest you check online before heading to the park.

Experience a great day of family fun water activities at this terrific water park. Wave pools, exciting slides, lazy river, smaller kids area to name a few.  This is an especially nice value when you take into account that it’s all-inclusive.  All of your food and drinks are included in the price, even beer and frozen drinks.

WetnWild web site

Tripadvisor for Wet’nWild

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Snorkeling - Private Excursion

Where: Puerto Juarez  

10 minutes North of the hotel zone

Cost - 6-14 people:  $65 per person

Cost - 5 people or less: $390 total

Round trip transfer included.

Includes: Lunch on an island Mike takes you to “Isla Mujeres”.

Alcoholic drinks are extra.

No money required to reserve, payable in cash only on the day of the tour.

Departure time: Between 8am-10am

(It’s up to your group)

Time of Tour: 5-6 hours

From the resort:  30 minutes

Cancun is rated #2 in the world for snorkeling.  The underwater beauty is phenomenal.  As a private excursion this is an outstanding value.  It is provided by Mike (Miguel), a friend of mine in Cancun.  His family comes from many generations of fisherman.  When Cancun emerged as a major tourist destination, Mike began offering snorkeling excursions.  You will find that Mike is a terrific guy, great spirit, loves people.  

Remember this is a private excursion.  For example if you would like to just anchor down and go for a swim to cool off, just let Mike know, simple as that. It’s very non-corporate,

To book this particular excursion or to learn more about it, you’ll want to head over to the “In House Services Offered” page.  

Catamaran Sailing

Prices vary substantially depending on the size of the catamaran (choose from 30’ all the way up to 78’ models).  Price also varies heavily on whether you choose a public charter or private rental.  Departs from marina in Cancun, see site links shown for details on the many options available.

Samba Catamarans Website

Tripadvisor.com - Samba Catamarans

There is nothing quite like sailing.  When out on the water with no mechanical sounds from a boat engine it’s amazingly peaceful and surreal.  Catamarans allow you that sailing experience combined with spacious decks for relaxing and sunbathing. Many public tours are reasonably priced and include other activities.

Scuba Diving - Nautilus Diving

For more experienced divers or for those seeking a more intimate and professional diving experience...

Where: Nautilus Diving - Best Western Hotel Zone - kilometer 9

Cost: Varies, please see their website.

Departure times: Must email them for more information.

From the resort:  6 miles North

Comments:  If you are a scuba diver, I recommend Nautilus. The Cancun area offers some of the finest underwater dive experiences anywhere in the world.  You can explore shipwrecks or the underwater museums, both nearby Cancun, or go for the incredible underwater world of the cenotes in the Riviera Maya.  Nautilus is will run you more than Aquaworld and other dive shops but you get what you pay for.  The typical tourist type of dives are where larger groups are taken out to the more common places. You are in good hands with these guys, they know what they’re doing, it’s their passion to be sure.  Still owner operated Since 1984.

Nautilus is a top notch operation.  They offer a variety of packages and you go out in groups of only 4.  This way they feel they can give each of you the time and attention you deserve.  

Nautilus website

Tripadvisor.com - Nautilus

Parasailing is a breathtaking experience.  With the surrounding beauty of the Cancun area, this is an especially amazing experience.  What makes this experience even better is the ability to share the experience with a loved one or friend.  2 people can go up at a time.  And rather than being strapped into a harness, you are sitting on a specially made seating system for up to 2 people.  You can feel safe and secure going with AquaWorld for your parasailing experience.

Tripadvisor - aquaworld


Where: AquaWorld  

Hotel Zone - kilometer 15.2

Cost: $65 per person + 11% tax & $3 dock fee.

Cost: Kids 10 & under 1/2 off

Cost:  Non flying passenger $11

Cost:  Non flying passenger 10 or under: $5.51

Available: 9am-4:30pm

From the resort::  2 miles North

Comments:  You can book in advance, or walk in.  If you walk in, you may not be able to get on at the time you walk in. Departures are every 1/2 hour.

Wave Runner rental:

Where: AquaWorld  

Hotel Zone - kilometer 15.2

Cost: $65 + 11% tax for 30 minutes

Cost: $100 + 11% tax for 60 minutes

Prices are per machine - So 2 people on one machine is NO additional cost.

Minimum age to drive:  16 with adult

signature, otherwise 18 is minimum.

Wave runner:  Yamaha 750c.c.

Available: 9am-4:30pm

Ride where: Ocean or Lagoon

Rental Includes: Life jacket & Locker

From the resort:  2 miles North

Comments:  You can book in advance, or walk in.  If you walk in, a wave runner may not always be available at the time you walk in.  Departures are every 1/2 hour.

Tripadvisor.com - Aquaworld

If you like high energy action, you can’t go wrong renting a wave runner. Riding these machines is a rush!  I definitely recommend going on the ocean side if you really like action. This way you can hit the ocean swells and go flying.  If you’ve never been on one of these machines before and you like speed you are in for a treat!    

Note: Cancun Interactive Aquarium is the one at La Isla, often times La Isla is not mentioned.

I suggest you check out both entertainment-plus.net and cancun-discounts.net.  For some options entertainment-plus.net has a better price, for others cancun-discounts.com has a better price.

What’s nice about the La Isla options is that they include going to the La Isla Dolphin show and visiting the aquarium later in the day, plus the mall itself is beautiful.   

Delphinus Dreams options are more expensive but they do have the over-all stronger reviews.  La Isla has a rating of about 4, Delphinus Dreams about 4.5.    

The $209 Trainer for a day option for 8 hours at Delphinus is great value for the person who can’t get enough of these fabulous creatures.

Swim with the Dolphins

Where: Hotel Zone at either La Isla Shopping Mall or Delphinus Dreams Resort depending on the package you opt for.  

Location La Isla: Kilometer 12.5

Location Delphinus Dreams: Kilometer 7.5

Cost at La Isla per person: $79-$140 depending on the option you choose.

Cost at Delphinus Dreams per person: $109-$209 (some are even more; up to $499).

The $209 option is an 8 hour experience, exceptional value.

Departure times: Depends on the package you choose.

La Isla From Beach Paradise:  4 miles North

Delphinus Dreams From Beach Paradise:  6 miles North

For many, swimming with the dolphins has been a lifelong dream.  What a better time to fulfill this dream than while on vacation in Cancun.  This is an amazing experience.  Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures, outstandingly talented swimmers, and they love people and playfulness. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

entertainment-plus.net website for swimming with dolphins

Tripadvisor.com - Swimming with Dolphins at La Isla

Tripadvisor.com - Swimming with Dolphins at Delphinus Dreams

cancun-discounts.com website for swimming with dolphins

Scuba Diving - Shipwreck Dive

(2 tank dive)

Where: AquaWorld  

Hotel Zone - kilometer 15.2

Cost: $77 per person + 11% tax

Departure times: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8am

From Beach Paradise:  2 miles North

Comments:  For certified divers only.  Learn more about getting your certification.

This dive will take you down to an actual ship wreck.  The dive will take you through the deck, wheelhouse, and hull of the ship.  Amazingly interesting, very cool dive.

Tripadvisor.com - aquaworld.com


Iberostar: 998-881-8800

Location: Kilometer 17

From Beach Paradise: 1 mile North

Iberostar is a REAL nice course and it’s right up the street one mile North of Beach Paradise.  

Tripadvisor - Iberostar Golf Course


I suggest you pack a lunch.  You can take the cooler with you that is right there in the condo.  It is good size and it has wheels.  If you want to drink but don’t care for beer feel free to use the cooler for your favorite drinks as well. For ice there is a convenience store located right across the street from Beach Paradise.

For any inexperienced boaters, do not forget to purchase dramamine or similar for motion sickness, a very common and uncomfortable sickness that occurs in many who go boating on the sea.

If you go to entertainment-plus.net or to cancun-dscounts.com you will want to remember that you have little or no control over which charter fishing company you will be placed with should you decide to book through them for this type of tour.  Charter Fishing Cancun allows you to book directly with them via paypal.  Their pricing is very competitive and their reviews are very good.  

Deep Sea Fishing

Private Fishing Charter

Company: Charter Fishing Cancun

Where: Marina Aquatours  

Hotel Zone - kilometer 6.5

Price is per boat, not per person.

Boat: 1985 38’ Bertram

Cost - 4 hours: $550 up to 10 people

Cost - 6 Hours: $650 up to 10 people

Cost - 8 Hours: $750 up to 10 people


Boat: 2004 46’ Defender

Cost - 4 hours: $650 up to 14 people

Cost - 6 Hours: $775 up to 14 people

Cost - 8 Hours: $900 up to 14 people


* Round trip transportation

* Fishing licenses

* Beer, sodas, bottled water

Departure times: Morning, private excursion, you set the time.

From Beach Paradise:  5 miles North


For individuals or smaller groups you can share a charter, cost is $145 for 6 hours, see their website for details.

This small company has reasonable prices, excellent reviews, and they love what they do.  Round trip transportation is included. I cannot recommend a broker for this type of excursion.  You can book directly with this company, Charter Fishing Cancun.

Charterfishingcancun.com Website

Tripadvisor.com - charterfishingcancun.com

BOB: Breathing Observation Bubble

Where: Playa Tortugas  

Hotel Zone - kilometer 6.5

Cost: $79 per person

Minimum age: 12

Max age: 55

Max weight: 285 pounds

Departure times: 9am, 11:30am, 2pm

Time of Tour: 70 minutes including 20 minute instructional & 20 minute boat trip.  Dive is 30 minutes.

Must arrive 40 minutes early

From the resort:  8 miles North

The BOB is propelled by an electric motor.  It’s like riding on a scooter except with three dimensional control and under water.  Explore the underwater beauty of Cancun like never before.  The BOB has been featured on the Discover Channel and is an amazing little personal underwater craft.  

Tripadvisor.com - BOB

entertainment-plus.net website for BOB

cancun-discounts.com for BOB

Jungle Tour

Where: Sunrise Marina  

Hotel Zone - kilometer 14.5

Cost: $55 per person

Cost: $30 Kids 10 & under

2 people per boat.

Minimum age to drive boat: 18

Departure times: 9am, 12, 3, 5:30pm

Time of Tour: 2.5 Hours including instructional time

From the resort::  3 miles North

This is a really cool tour.  You ride two people per boat in these super mini speed boats. They remind me of something you might find in a James Bond movie.  The tour includes stopping off for 45 minutes to snorkel if you wish.  Nice value.

Comments:  This tour is actually done by AquaWorld, but you will save $10 booking it through Entertainment Plus by the time you include sales tax. And remember when you book via Entertainment Plus you can also cancel if you need to on or before 2pm the day before without penalty.  If you book direct with AquaWorld all sales are final.   

entertainment-plus.net for Jungle Tour

Tripadvisor - Jungle Tour

Exotic Rides

Location:  Cancun Racetrack, just outside the hotel zone, near the airport.

Cancun Highway, Aeropuerto Kilometer 7.5 Col.

Phone: 998-882-0558


5 laps from $349

10 laps from $649

Exact pricing depends on the car you choose.  For the 10 laps, you get to drive 2 different cars, 5 laps each.

Transportation:  A cab would run approximately $25 each way.

Comments:  This isn’t a cheap little excursion but it’s something you will remember for the rest of your life. Most guys have dreamed of getting behind the wheel of one of these incredible machines in such a way that one can push the envelope of the vehicles capabilities. Here is your chance. What a rush!

View the Information or Make a Reservation on the Exotic Rides Web Site

View the Reviews on Trip Advisor for Exotic Rides

Comments:  If you ever wanted an opportunity to dirve that car of your dreams just once, for a few laps on a race track, here you go!   Strap in to cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari and hit the track!