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Airport Transfers or Rental Car

Airport Transfers

Although I don’t provide airport transfers, I have done the research and legwork to allow guests to easily book their transfers online, and to do so at the lowest price possible.  This saves you the time for looking around for pricing and wondering who is reliable out there and who isn’t.

I found the most competitive company in Cancun to be Entertainment Plus.  They have proven to me and our guests that their customer service is strong as our guests have been happy with them for some time now.  

Cost:  About $80 round trip  for 10 people.  A little less if 7 or under.  After you book the condo, you also receive a promo code on your confirmation that will save you another $5. This is for guests only per my agreement with Entertainment Plus.  Note: I make no commissions of any kind on any company or service I recommend.  If a commission is ever offered to me, I request a promo code for my guests and pass it on to them instead.

Entertainment Plus Transfer Page (will open in new window):


Rental Cars

You do not need to rent a car in Cancun.  The busses & taxis run 24/7.  You can go anywhere in the Cancun Hotel Zone by bus for .65 cents per person.  However, if you want to rent a car anyway, I recommend you check out this page on Cancun Discounts, the page link is..


The advice relative to how things work with rental cars in Mexico is excellent. And you can punch in your dates and the companies with the best rates for your dates will come up automatically.  Links are provided as well should you decide to book your rental car online.  

Cancun Discounts - Rental cars

Airport Transfer - Entertainment Plus

From the Airport Taxis

They are much too expensive, you will do much better booking this online via the transfer company I recommend.  You will be looking at $50 each way.  You would be much better off booking a transfer even if it’s only for one or two people.

Grocery Store Run can be with USA Transfers if You would Like

It will save you a little money to first make the reservation for the condo.  Because on your e-confirmation/receipt you receive after booking the property, is a promo code that will save you $5.  This is for guests only per my agreement with Entertainment Plus.

Grocery Store Run: As you may have read at some point, one of the most popular services we offer guests is to have one of my managers in Cancun take a couple people from your group to the Super Walmart.  This is AFTER you arrive to the resort. You ALSO have the option of having the transfer company take you to the store BEFORE arriving to the resort (directly from the airport - much more popular choice).  The cost to go with my manager AFTER you arrive to the resort is $50 cash paid directly to my manager in Cancun.  Whereas the cost to go with the transfer company BEFORE arriving to the resort (directly from the airport, then to the resort is $30 (over and above the cost of the regular transfer of course).   Most guests opt to go direct from the airport.  Because all guests can go whereas my manager in Cancun can take only a couple people in his car.  Also because going direct from the airport saves some time.  In either case the savings are substantial as there are no grocery stores in the Cancun hotel zone, only convenience stores.  Booking this with the transfer company is done online, at the same time you book the regular transfer.  To book this with my manager in Cancun use the navigation for the site located at the top of the page.  Under “General Info” you want “In House Services Offered”.

The trip from the airport to the resort will take about 20 minutes.

If you opt to go to the store after you arrive to the condo with my manager, it takes about 30 minutes one way to get there.