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Oleo Cancun Playa

All-Inclusive Option

All 7 units on the web site have the all inclusive option available.

A note of thanks:  Oleo Cancun Playa is an all inclusive resort comprised of 170 hotel rooms in 3 towers. The resort does not rent out the larger Penthouses which reside on the top floors of each tower. Therefore I have worked with resort management at our resort to provide for our guests a flexible and affordable all inclusive option.  Thanks to resort management and staff for working on behalf of the penthouse owners associated with myself and www.resortcondoscancun.com Your work on this option is sincerely appreciated.  


Tim Miller

Important note please:  The all inclusive option is NOT included in the condo rental prices.  

Oleo Cancun Playa Address:

Bvld. Kukulcan Kilometer 19.5

Zona Hotelera

Cancun, Quintana Roo

Mexico   77500

All Inclusive Details: Below is a listing of the most common frequently asked questions I experience relative to the all inclusive option and our resort. I hope you find them helpful. If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to email or call.



Thank you.

Tim Miller

Quick Tip

Whether you opt for the all-inclusive for some or all of the days you are in Cancun or not, I do still recommend taking advantage of the service option of going to the Super Walmart. Unless you plan on eating out throughout your entire stay, this will save you a lot of money because there are only convenience stores in the Cancun Hotel Zone.  

You can take advantage of the Walmart run via one of two options.  The traditional method of having my manager in Cancun take one or two from your group there (after arriving to the resort).  Or via the transfer company (directly from the airport).  For info on going direct from the airport hover over the “General Info” and in the drop down click on “Airport Transfers”.  If you go with the transfer company they take you to a large grocery store, prices similar to Super Walmart.  If you go with my manager in Cancun then it’s the  The Super Walmart .  Both stores have a good selection of alcohol.   

After Arrival to the condo:  With my manager in Cancun, only 1 or two can go in his vehicle: $50

Direct from the airport:  Via the  transfer company I recommend, all can go, they will give you an hour to shop and wait in the shuttle for you: $30

In every condo, you will find a nice cooler that is on wheels.  It is easy to pack up and take with you down to the pool or beach, because it pulls behind you easily.  It’s on wheels of course. When my family and I are in Cancun, we find ourselves using the cooler all the time.  It’s very handy.  Besides keeping your favorite drinks cold and snacks fresh, it does a nice job as a little table as well.  It’s a good height to use next to the pool and beach lounge chairs.   The handle is retractable.  The cooler is  approved for use at Beach Paradise and all resorts on this web site.  One quick side note, please use only plastic glasses which are kept inside each condo.  No glass is allowed by any of the pools or beaches, understandably.  


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Quick Tip

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The all-inclusive option refers to all the food and drinks you want (alcohol included).  Each day you can decide if you want the all inclusive or not for that day.  Purchases for the all-inclusive are made at the lobby front desk of the resort.  Visa, master, and cash are accepted.  If you do not opt for the all-inclusive for a given day or days, you still have access to the resort pool and beach.  HOWEVER YOU CANNOT PURCHASE FOOD AND DRINKS FROM THE RESORT UNLESS YOU ARE ON THE ALL INCLUSIVE.




17 & Younger:

Quick Tip


Pricing is shown per person per day.

Oleo Cancun Playa All Inclusive Option Current Pricing

Oleo Cancun Playa Frequently Asked Questions


What does it include? It includes all the food and drinks you want while the resort is open each day.

Does it include alcohol? Yes.

What types do they have? Beer is of the domestic variety. Beyond that, you can order the type of drink you want. They may not have the specific brand of hard alcohol you want, but just about any drink can be made. They do an especially good job with frozen drinks.

How many restaurants are there? There is one main restaurant which is the buffet, called El Azul.  A second restaurant is open at night only starting at 6pm and the name is Hakka.  This is a sushi restaurant.

What type of food do does the buffet have? A mix of American and Mexican, almost all has a Mexican flair. This is true of both restaurants.

What hours are the restaurants open? The buffet is open 7am-10am, 12pm-3pm, and 6pm-10pm. Hakka is open 6pm-10pm and is a la carte.

Are snacks ever available? Yes, there is a snack bar by the pool, open daily 11am-5pm. The snack bar offerings vary, but generally there are things like hot dogs, tacos, cheeseburgers.

Where are alcoholic drinks served? During the day, drink service is available starting at 11am at the pool bar.  The pool bar closes at 5pm.

Do you have to swim up to the swim up bar to get a drink? You can, but you don’t have to. On the other side of the swim up bar is where you would get your drinks during the day.

What about at night? The lobby bar opens about the time the pool bar closes, between 5pm & 6pm.  The lobby bar actually opens at about 10am.  In the morning they offer coffee and cookies.  Often times they begin serving drinks there also well before 5pm.  The lobby bar is open until midnight.

What if we arrive to Cancun and are checking in late, do we still have to pay for the whole day all inclusive to eat?  

If you want the all inclusive, YES.  There are two restaurants located directly across the street, one is Navios, the other is 19.5.

Are there any other places to eat nearby?  Yes, there are two restaurants located directly across the street.  One is medium priced, great food.  The other is more casual and sells burgers and burritos and the like.  They make excellent burgers, ½ pound and delicious.

Do we need to let them know we are staying in one of the penthouses?  Yes, the only way for you to get the price shown is to let them know you which penthouse number you are staying in.  If you do not, the cost is significantly more money.  We have special pricing.

What if we forgot to bring our confirmation?

Not a problem, just let them know at the front desk which penthouse you are staying in.  

Any other options?

If you don’t want to go out, I include in each final e-confirmation/receipt the phone number to the local Papa John’s your final confirmation. Papa John’s will deliver. They are normally open for taking orders until 10:45pm or so, sometimes later if on the weekend. For the “non-Papa John’s fans”, I would offer other pizza options if there were any available.  Especially since I live in the Chicago area, so I know good pizza.  Once in Cancun, their number is 998-840-7060.  If dialing from a Cancun land line just dial the last 7 digits.

Do I let you know if I want the all-inclusive or not? No, that’s not necessary.  When you are ready to make the purchase at the lobby front desk, just be sure to provide the information in the section a couple paragraphs up entitled “Important”.

If I want to purchase this for my entire stay do I do that after I arrive? Yes. The option is available to you each day of your stay, but if you wish to purchase it for your entire stay, you can do this once and then not have to continue purchasing it day after day.

If I don’t take the all-inclusive, will I still be able to use the resort facilities? Yes. However you will not be given a pool towel unless you have the all-inclusive wristband.  And once the new spa is open (includes a 2nd pool) you must purchase the all inclusive wristband to get into the spa.

What if I don’t take the all-inclusive but I just want to order a drink, can I do that? No. All-inclusive resorts aren’t set up for purchases like this. There are no cash registers or credit card terminals at any of the food or drink service areas. This is very standard and common practice for all-inclusive resorts.  Alternatively, if you would like a soda or a beer, you can pay for one at the convenience store located next to the lobby.  The convenience store is open until 10pm.

Is drink service available by the pool or beach?  Normally not.  Talk to the front desk.  Sometimes this is available, other times it is not, depending on the time of year and other factors.  If it is available, I highly recommend you give them a nice tip, especially the first couple of times.  This will help to establish a good service level for you.

Aren’t tips included in an all-inclusive? No. This is a special all inclusive set up for guests who stay within one of the penthouses available through my site, www.resortcondoscancun.com   It is true that tips are included in many all-inclusive resorts.   Although as a little side-note, even if you don’t stay here and you opt to stay at another all-inclusive resort, I recommend you tip. Mostly because in all-inclusive resorts (where tips are included) the percentage given to servers is generally between 2.5%-7% of what the food & drinks would cost at retail, for resorts in Cancun. Most people of course do not know this.

How much do you recommend tipping? 15% of the cost, 20% if you receive very strong service. Since you don’t know the cost, just “ball park” what the drink would cost if you were out elsewhere, and tip accordingly.

What about tipping in the buffet or restaurant? In the buffet, figure 10% of what you would think the meal was worth if it was not an all inclusive resort.

Is there a map you provide that shows the resort location? Yes. Click on any condo rental, then click on “Location” from the navigation choices you see.

Are all the rentals on your site at Oleo? Currently yes. But most are.  At Oleo there is #2000, #2701, #2704, #3000, #371, #372, and #3730.

What do you think of the resort? Our resort was completely remodeled in 2016 and 2017, finishing early in 2018.  It was a complete and total remodel.  It is so beautiful now, we are very blessed. What was remodeled?  More like what wasn’t!  Our pool, pool bar, pool bathroom, 3 restaurants, lobby, all 3 towers inside and out, new spa, new swim up bar, new snack bar by the pool, new lounge bar, new elevators, new outdoor furniture, new hotel lounge area furniture, even new palm trees out on our beach.  The food at our restaurants is excellent and the all inclusive drinks are top notch featuring quality name brands like Grey Goose and Johnny Walker Black.  That’s quite rare for an all inclusive resort where generics are typical.  In summary, what used to be a nice little resort is now a great little resort!   

Do you feel secure here?  Yes, security is real good.  My wife and I have 2 boys, age 11 and 13 and we have never hesitated on bringing them with us to Cancun and Oleo.

What type of crowd is usually here? It’s quite mixed really. A lot of family, a lot of couples. Very little business travelers.

Is the staff at Oleo nice? Yes, they really are. There are a number of resort staff I have known for several years now.  Nice and friendly people are a Cancun trademark in my opinion. That’s one of the biggest reasons for the success of Mexican tourism I feel.  My brother and I used to own investment property (vacation rentals) in Cocoa Beach Florida. Once we discovered Cancun, we have never looked back. This is the only vacation rental we have now, the one here in Cancun at Oleo, #2701.

What do you think of the food?  The food is good.  To me, it comes down to the expectation level.  For example, if I was going to a real nice restaurant and it was costing me $30 a plate I would be disappointed surely.  However, the cost of the food is instead a fraction of that, because it’s all inclusive all you can eat for the entire day, morning afternoon and evening.  Plus drinks are even included.  So if I’m going into a buffet on that premise, my expectations are set more reasonably.  In my experience the bread and fruit has always been fresh and tasty.  The food has been in line with about what I would expect for the price paid.  The fresh omelets the cook makes for you in the morning have been especially good and the fresh fish made by the cook has also been a pleasant stand out, very good.  When you can go into a buffet and still have the made fresh on the spot option, that’s a nice touch.  

Resort General Info:

Where is the resort located? The address is noted at the top of this section. Oleo is located on the Southern side of the hotel zone. For people who know Cancun well, it’s about 1 mile South of the Iberostar (the Iberostar with the golf course right across the street).

Are there other restaurants and shopping within walking distance? For the most part no. The restaurants start popping up one after the other about 1 mile North of the resort.  The shopping starts about 2 miles after that. There is a real nice restaurant directly across the street, J.C. Capitan’s and also a 24 hour convenience store is about 1 block South across the street.

Is there parking available at Oleo? Most of the time you can find a space to park.  Not guaranteed.

How much does it cost? Complimentary.

What other facilities does the resort have? A pool, beach, tour guide area, convenience store.

How is the beach here? For this question, I think a picture paints a thousand words.  I show several dozen pictures of the beach here as well as many other photos of the Oleo pool and other facilities.  I think you will agree that the beach is terrific here.  In the photo gallery for any unit at Yalmkan, there is a section of the gallery just for Oleo.  For your convenience, I also placed the Oleo Photo Gallery further down on this page.  I think it’s also important to point out that all the beach pictures in the photo galleries are pictures taken from either myself or friends of mine and are pictures of our beach only, the beach here at Oleo.

Is the beach rocky? No.

Can you go belly-boarding out in the ocean here? Sure, some days are better than others.  Sometimes it’s real calm, other days with a stronger breeze the belly-boarding is more fun.

Are waver runner rentals nearby? Yes, at Aquaworld 1 mile North of the resort.  Often times you will find them on our beach.  And we now have a water sports place located directly across the street.

Can you set up tours from Oleo? Yes, there is small tour guide area in the resort set up for anyone who would.

I noticed in the pictures beach volleyball, is that set up at Oleo?  Yes, most often it is.

Are there lounge chairs and umbrellas down by the beach?  Yes, both.

Does the beach ever get over-crowded?  No.  It’s not like some beaches in Florida you may have seen in pictures. Over-crowded beaches are the result of dense population.  Often this happens with high rise hotels or condo buildings right on the beach, often one after another.  Oleo is comprised of 3 towers over several hundred yards of beachfront, and each tower is 8 stories tall.

Are there plenty of beach chairs?  Regardless of which resort you are staying at in Cancun, during high season you will want to get out early to get a lounge chair on the beach.  

Is the beach private to Oleo? Yes. Although it is not prohibited to walk up and down the beach.

What should we tip for concierge taking our luggage up? $2 per bag.

Do you recommend renting a car? No. Buses run 24/7 and you rarely have to wait more than a couple of minutes. You can go anywhere in the hotel zone for .65 cents a person.

Is cab service readily available from the resort? Yes.

How much is taking a cab? Depends on where you are going.  If you wanted to go to the Northern tip of Cancun, it would be about $10-$15 each way, depending on traffic. The distance to the Northern tip is about 6 miles. The Northern tip is also known as “The Point” or “La Punta”.

How far are the night clubs? Most of the famed Cancun night clubs are in a cluster located at “The Point”.  Tip: If you planning to go to the clubs, don’t head out after 11pm or plan on hitting very heavy stop and go traffic, especially at busier times of year. Also most clubs charge heavy covers, generally in the $25-$35 range, depending on season and day of the week.  Sometimes the covers are less if you are there earlier also.

If you are going to go clubbing, this is an OUTSTANDING VALUE, “no brainer”.  Keep in mind getting in Coco Bongos, and Dadeos will run you $40 just to get in the door so you can wait in line to pay for drinks.  This is VIP (no lines) and includes all your cover charges and all the drinks you want…


Do you live in Cancun?  No. I live in the Chicago area, in the Northwest suburbs in a little town called McHenry IL, near the Wisconsin border.

How did you come to rent and manage condos in Cancun?  After my brother and I first started buying vacation rentals in Cocoa Beach, FL. we soon discovered the management companies were sub-standard at best, at least in that area at the time.  So I rented our units on my own.  I hired a person in Cocoa Beach as well, to look after the units, take care of the cleaning, etc.  When we discovered Cancun, we took the same approach.  My brother let me take care of the rentals from the beginning because he works 70+ hours a week as an anesthesiologist.  After a while, other penthouse owner’s requested I rent their places as well.  The other penthouse owner’s live here in Cancun.

How did you get to know so many people in Cancun?  After hurricane Wilma in 2005, I was in Cancun quite a bit, often for weeks at a time.  My brother and I decided to give our place a major upgrade since the resort was facing a long time frame for being down from the hurricane.  Many people don’t realize that Wilma was the strongest hurricane in recorded history, and Cancun was the “bulls-eye”.  Then it parked on its target for 48 hours straight before quickly moving over to Florida to do a bit more, though far less severe damage over there.  So through the big rehab, I made many acquaintances and friends.  

Hope the information was helpful.  Have a great day!

Tim Miller

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Please note: The pricing shown can change, often with little or no notice.  When there is a price change, it is posted to this site immediately.