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Snorkeling with Mike (Miguel)

One of the important things to remember about any tour is that there are two general varieties, public and private.  With a public tour you will be with other people you don’t know.  With a private tour, it’s only your group.  Private tours are therefore always more expensive of course for good reason.  The snorkeling tour is private.  Moreover it’s provided by a dear friend of mine, Mike (Miguel) who is a terrific guy.  

I have known Mike for several years.  His family comes from many generations of fisherman.  When Cancun became famous, he started offering tourists snorkeling.

$390 US dollars cash for the whole group when service is rendered.

Cost for groups of 7 or more:

Cost for groups of 6 or less:

$65 US dollars cash per person when service is rendered.

In House


 Mike is a great guy, he loves people, you will really enjoy him. Most tours, even the private ones, have more of a corporate feel to them.  With Mike, not at all so. If you are out there and you ask to just stop and anchor down for a while no problem.  We do this a lot when we go out.  It can get pretty warm out there.  So I’ll ask Mike to stop so we can jump in and cool off.  The water is amazing, crystal clear and warm.  You can see down to the bottom from 20 ft. or more.  Mike takes you to government protected waters.  The underwater beauty there is incredible, rated #2 in the world.   

Mike also takes you to an island called Isla Mujeres where he provides you lunch.  The snorkeling tour runs 5-6 hours. For groups of 7 or more the cost is $65 US dollars per person and is paid in cash when you go out.  This even includes lunch on the island of Isla Mujeres.  For groups of less 6 or less, the cost is $390 for the group.  His boat holds 12 people comfortably. As a side note, I keep a good size cooler on wheels in every condo.  I highly recommend you take that with you when you go out.  Fill it with your favorite drinks and snacks before you head out. There is a convenience store right there at the harbor where you can purchase ice, snacks, drinks, etc.  Don’t forget your sunscreen.  I highland recommend going out on the boat with Mike, it’s a great time.

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