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Online Reservations

Welcome.  Please read this page before proceeding to the online system to book your vacation rental.  If you have already been here before and you have already read the information on this page, you can go ahead and reserve now.  If you have not already done so, first please check availability once more.  Thank you for your reservation.  I’m glad to have you with us!


Tim Miller



The Form:

When you click to bring up the online form, it will come up in its own window.  You will be able to minimize the window or change its shape in case you would like to refer back to the info on this page.  However, please know that if you exit out of the window the information you typed in will be lost and you would need to start again.                                         


Availability Check:

If you have not already done so today, please check the availability calendar for the condo you are renting before making your reservation.  Please also check for any Holds that may be in place for the condo you are booking.  To check both, hover over "Cancun Vacation Rentals" at the top of the page and in the drop down menu click on the property you would like to book.  Then click on "Rates & Availability".  Availability is clearly shown.  Remember the X's shown are for NIGHTS that are booked.  A lot of people get confused by this.  If you see a booking, and you have your eye on open dates just before that booking starts, YOU CAN depart the same day you see an X i.e. the same day as an arrival.  This is because the X represents the night, and check outs are at 11am in the morning.  Active Holds are also shown on the “Rates & Availability” page for the condo you are selecting.  To check for active Holds on dates simply look to the right of the availability calendar and look at the Hold Screen.  If the screen shows 1 or more Holds please scroll down on the little screen to view the holds before you make your reservation.  Thank you in advance for being sure your dates are clear before proceeding.  You will find more info on Holds in the drop down menu under the General Info tab located at the top of any page on the site.

What You Will Receive:  

You will receive an acknowledgment immediately after submitting your reservation.  You will also receive an e-confirmation/receipt the next business day after submitting your reservation.

Amount of the Charge:  

Only the deposit portion of the rental will be charged to your card at this point, unless you are booking with 21 days or less before your arrival date.  The amount of the deposit is 20% of the total, or as indicated in any email correspondence, whichever is less.

Total Amount of the Rental:

The total amount of the rental is what is shown in the Rates & Availability for the property you are selecting.  Please do not refer to email quotes if they were provided on or before Aug 18, 2016 as rates have gone up since then.  When referring to the online rates, all that you need to add to the rates to arrive at your complete total is a one-time cleaning/laundering/processing fee of $195.  This fee covers costs associated with processing and also cleanup & laundering after your departure. NOTHING ELSE needs to be added to the rates shown online to arrive at your complete total. NOTE 2: If your pricing came by email, the $195 fee was already included in the total price you received.

Last Minute Reservations:

If you are booking with 21 days or less prior to arrival, the full amount of the rental will be charged to your card.

What will be Shown on your Statement:

The name on the charge to your card will show "Tims Direct Ocean Condos".

Email Verification:

Any email correspondence as noted above would be coming from Tim Miller at the email address: cancun3000@gmail.com

When Balances are Charged (All reservations except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s):

For reservations made well in advance, balances are charged 60 days prior to arrival to the same card used for the deposit.  If your reservation is made more than 21 days prior to arrival, but less than 60 days before arrival, the balance is charged to the same card used for the deposit 1 week after you receive your first e-confirmation/receipt.

Security Deposit:  A security deposit in the amount of $300 is charged separately the same day the balance due is charged.  This deposit is processed back to your card 7 days after your departure assuming the following:  There is no damage by your group to the condo or its contents. You did not accidentally take a key, towel(s) or the cell phone that is left in the condo for you.  Please remember to leave your keys, this is a more common occurrence and the amount for leaving a set of keys is $50, mostly because of the time it takes to have new ones made that work properly.  The cost per bath towel $50 per towel.  Most bath towels are brought in from the US which is very time consuming.  The cost for decent bath towels in Mexico is very high.  The cost for the Mexican cell phone is $100.  Please do not smoke inside the condo under any circumstances, only out on the terrace.  If there is a strong smell of smoke, a company needs to be called to remove the smell which runs $150.


If your dates fall between rate changes the amount of the rental is pro-rated accordingly.  If your dates are all within a date range then refer to the weekly rate for stays of a week or nightly rates for stays of less than a week.  

Rates - staying longer than a week:  Weekly rate is pro-rated, dates that span a rate change are pro-rated accordingly.

Nightly Rates:  There are minimum stay requirements.  The minimum stay is located under the date range you are looking at.  Each date range has two sets of numbers.  One is for Mon-Thurs and one is for Fri-Sun nights.

Rates General: The amount of the total will be whatever the rates show on the web site here or the amount shown in your email, whichever is less.

Cleaning Fee:  There is a $195 Cleaning laundering fee for us to clean up after your departure.  Nothing else needs to be added to the rates to arrive at a complete total.

Bookings for More than 1 Condo:

If you are booking more than 1 unit, please indicate the additional units and any pertinent notes you wish in the Notes Box located at the bottom on the online form.

Arrival Date: You are not required to arrive on a Saturday, you can arrive any day of the week you would like.  However there are exceptions. If you are arriving in the month of March or April please email me first before making a reservation.  Or if you are booking the week of Christmas or New Years please read the info on this page link first: http://www.resortcondoscancun.com/holiday-bookings-faqs.html

Minimum Age Requirement:

You must be 27 years of age or older to make a reservation, unless specified in writing via email that an exception has been made.

Security of the Online System:  

The Online Form uses encryption that cannot be viewed by another party.  Additionally, your credit card information remains password protected server, it does not travel over the web.  The remaining information is emailed to you as part of your acknowledgment immediately after you submit your reservation.


Firefox and Chrome users, you’re fine.  For Internet Explorer users you may need to click on “Allow blocked content” when you click to bring up the online form.  These 3 browsers account for 94% of you as of this writing.  If you have a different one, you should be fine, if you have any trouble feel free to call me.  Tim 847-636-2232.

Guest List:

If you do not yet have the final list of names and ages for your group, please insert those in your group who are confirmed to this point.  If there are more than 10 in your group, please note the remaining names and ages in the big box at the bottom of the form.  This box holds plenty of text. You can also place any notes you like in this box.

Flight Information:

If you have not yet purchased your flights, you can leave the flight information field blank.  When you do have your flight information, please email it to Tim Miller at cancun3000@gmail.com  

What if it is already less than 90 days prior to arrival when I book Christmas or New Years week?  

Then 20% is charged as the deposit, and the balance is charged 1 week afterwards.  An e-confirmation accompanies each of the charges.

How to get Keys:  

When the balance is processed, your last and final e-confirmation/receipt will arrive to you.  Your confirmation showing payment in full will contain all the information you need for your vacation stay, including how to get keys, our manager’s cell number, and many other helpful details.

Name of the Cardholder:

If the name on the card is not the same as the name on the reservation, it must be one of the names shown on the reservation, unless otherwise specified in writing via email.

Credit Cards Accepted:  

Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card.  

Payment Options:  If it is necessary for you to use more than one card for the deposit and or the balance due, this is acceptable.  Please put the additional card holder(s) information details in the box at the bottom of the form.  Please do not forget that the full bill to address is required, along with exactly how the name reads on the card and the 3 digit security code located on the back of the card.  Also please indicate how much to place on each card.

I thought all the information from the online form came to me via email in an acknowledgment accept for the credit card information.  Isn’t this dangerous then?

Good question.  You’ll notice the notes box will not come through on your acknowledgement for this very reason.  The information you insert in the notes box will be shown on your e-confirmation you receive from me the next business day, less any credit card details if applicable.

Booking multiple units units:  

To do this, simply put the additional unit numbers you are booking in the notes box at the bottom of the online form.

In House Services:  

I highly recommend you take a look at these if you haven’t already.  In House Services Offered is located under the General Info tab.  You will need your confirmation number to book as these services are not offered to the general public.

Your Confirmation Number:  

After submitting this form, you will receive your e-confirmation the next business day.  When you receive your e-confirmation you will notice a confirmation number at the top.  Please save your e-confirmation.  It has important information on it, part of which is your confirmation number. Your confirmation number is used to look up your file, update your file, etc.  And if you choose to come back to book some of the additional services as most guests do, you will need your confirmation number to do so.  

Airport Transfers:  

I do not provide airport transfers. To get the best pricing I have found for a transfer, go to www.entertainment-plus.net/transfers/cancun-transfers to book your airport transfer online.  However, it is best to wait for your e-confirmation first.  A password will be shown on your e-confirmation that will save you some extra money on your transfer. Plus if you prefer to go direct to the Walmart from the airport you will want to wait for your password on your e-confirmation anyway, because that feature isn’t offered to the public.  For more details on airport transfers, hover over the General Info tab at the top of the page on the site.

More on Flights & Arriving to the Resort:  

If you don't yet have your flight info, please don't forget to email me your flight details at the time you do buy your tickets.  It's much nicer if our manager in Cancun can be there upon your arrival to welcome you!  This way he can also explain the various features of the property, how the electronics and appliances work, etc.  Every effort is made to have our manager there for you when you arrive to the resort.  If you are unable to connect with our manager, detailed and simple instructions for how to obtain keys are noted on your final confirmation should this occur.  

Review Pertinent Information:

Before you book, I ask that you view all of the pictures and read over all the information on the web site that is relevant to the condo and the resort you are selecting on www.resortcondoscancun.com.  These would include all of the links shown within the black Photo Gallery of the condo you are selecting, and some of the pages located under the General Info tab.  Under the General Info tab, I recommend you read at least How to Book, Reservations FAQ and Cancellation policy.  There are many others I’m sure you’ll find very helpful too.

Early Check In/Late Check Out:  

If you have an early flight into Cancun, or a late flight out of Cancun, I highly recommend you read “Early Check In - Late Check Out”.   For more details on early check in and or late check-out options, hover over the General Info tab at the top of the page, then click on “General Information”, then click on “Early Check In - Late Check Out”.


Holiday Bookings

The holidays that are subject to different booking rules are:

*  Thanksgiving

*  Christmas

*  New Years

Additional Rule for Thanksgiving:

Unlike other bookings, balances for bookings for Thanksgiving are charged 90 days prior to arrival.  The down payment is the same 20% of the total.  But the balance is due 90 days prior to arrival rather than 60.

Christmas and New Years bookings only:

Christmas and New Years bookings is 20% down, 20% 5 months prior to arrival, 20% 4 months prior to arrival, remaining 40% due 3 months prior to arrival.  

Why is this?

Christmas and New Years week are the most popular weeks of the year in Cancun.  Thanksgiving week is also a very popular week.  People who frequent Cancun are well aware of this. That’s why it’s not uncommon to be sold out of these holidays several months a head of time. If a cancellation comes along with less than 3-5 months prior to arrival or less, the odds of re-booking these holidays falls off dramatically as the dates get closer and closer.  Because most people that go for these dates have already made their reservations well in advance for these holidays.  Also, air fare tends to go up significantly as planes fill up and are sold out.

Are there any special rules when it comes to booking over Christmas or New Years?  

Yes, Christmas and New Years are always sold as separate and full weeks or longer.  

For a stay that includes Christmas, acceptable departure dates are Dec 27 OR BEFORE.

For a stay that includes New Years Eve, acceptable arrival dates are Dec 27 OR AFTER.

*  Whichever holiday books first sets up what’s available for the other holiday.  Example, if the unit you are considering booking for a New Years stay already has a booking for Christmas with a departure date of Dec 26.  Now you know that you can book arriving Dec 26 without issue.  

*  You can stay longer than a week if you like. For a week that includes Christmas, additional nights would be on the front end of your stay.  For a stay that includes New Years, additional nights would be on the back end of your stay. The premium holiday rates would apply to the 7 nights.  Additional nights would be at the pro-rated weekly rates for the month you are booking in which is much less.  You are welcome to book both Christmas and New Years, however the minimum you would be required to pay for in to do so is 1 week at the Christmas week rate and 1 week at the New Years week rate.  If you received a quote that is outside of the parameters above, that would be why the quote was higher, often times much higher.

Are there any other special rules when it comes to booking over Thanksgiving?  

Yes, a full week is required.  This is true even if your booking comprises part of Thanksgiving week but does not include the day of Thanksgiving.

Your Input:  

I value your input & feedback.  I encourage you to email me after you return from your trip.  Many improvements have been made for others as a result of guests taking the time to email their sincere thoughts and suggestions about the property they stayed in.

Your reservation is appreciated.  Thank you.  


Tim Miller