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Getting Around Cancun

Should we rent a car in Cancun?  

Not necessary.  Buses run 24/7 and you can go anywhere in the hotel zone for .65 cents a person.  Or cabs are always available.  This is not to say do not rent a car. If you want a car, free parking is available. But it is not necessary to rent a car in Cancun, very few people do.


Bus stops are everywhere throughout the hotel zone.  When you want to get off, you can pull the line that is in the bus. Sometimes the line is broken.  In such cases just be loud.  Bus drivers know when they here “Stop Please”.  Be loud, don’t be shy on the busses.


What if we want to rent a car anyway?

I recommend you choose a company that is not directly at the airport.  This will save you quite a bit of money. Companies located at the airport have to pay high rent and special airport taxes and fees that they have to pass on to you.  When you look at pricing online for any company, be aware that insurance is not included.  Basic liability insurance is mandatory by law in Mexico.  The rental car companies build much of their profit into the insurance cost, this way they can show the rental car pricing online for substantially less.  Expect to pay about double the prices shown online, especially for the entry level vehicles.

Most sites will not show the cost for insurance.  

Tid bit:

Be sure to call your credit card company before you leave for Cancun.  Otherwise you could be held up at the rental car place for a while if your bank sees a charge coming from Mexico and they were not expecting it.


It is very important that you agree to the price of the fair before you step into the cab.  Ask about how much it should cost from someone other than the taxi driver if you aren’t sure.  If you’re in a restaurant, ask your server as an example. This will save you a few bucks every time.

From the airport taxis:  

They are much too expensive, you will do much better booking this online via the transfer company I recommend.  The transfer company I recommend is USA Transfers.  They are affiliated with Entertainment-plus.net.  If you go with one of the condo rentals, you will receive a promo code from me on your confirmation that will save you another $5.  The cost for a the transfer runs about $70 round trip  for the your entire group (up to 10 people including luggage).