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Grocery Store Run

company that I link to.    

Do you recommend booking this In House or via the transfer company?

It depends.  Most people are booking this via the transfer company these days.  Here are the reasons why most are booking this via the transfer company.

*  Everyone in your group can go.  If you book In House, one of my managers in Cancun will take you.  And only 2 or 3 people can fit into their vehicle.

*  Saves time.  When you book via the transfer company, you go straight from the airport to the Super Walmart, then to the condo.

*  Going with the transfer company is ½ the price, $30 rather than $60.

*  Schedules.  Sometimes groups have an early flight in and at the same time we have another group departing the same day for the condo you selected.  Since check in time is 4pm, this allows you to use that down time wisely.  As a side note, I do offer a real nice option if you have an early flight in which allows you to relieve yourself of your luggage so you can go out and enjoy your day.  For details on this, hover over the “Main Menu” tab at the top of the page, then click on “General Information” then click on “Early Check In - Late Check Out”.

How do you book this via the transfer company?

After you make your reservation, you will be receiving an e-confirmation.  On your e-confirmation you will see the transfer company link along with a password.  When you enter the password, this option will appear.  Simply select this option.  If you book via the transfer company, the Walmart Run is added to your total for the transfer to and from the resort.  Payment via this method is in advance via credit card.

Are there any advantages to booking this In House?

Sure.  Here are a few reasons.

*  You may have a later flight and not want to deal with going shopping right away.  

*  Sometimes the previous guests have left a few items at the condo that you may have purchased had you booked with the transfer company.

*  If you would like to take your time shopping this might be the way to go.  My managers in Cancun do not impose a time limit on how long you can be in the store.  Whereas the transfer company will allow you an hour for shopping time while they wait.

*  My mangers will help bring up all your grocery bags up into the condo.

Should we plan on buying things there like toilet paper, dish detergent, laundry detergent, etc.?

Yes.  We provide a full roll of toilet paper and a full back up roll in each bathroom.  We also provide enough laundry detergent and dish detergent just to get you started in case you can’t make it to the store right away.

            The Grocery Run

Of all the In House Services offered, taking advantage of this one is the proverbial “no-brainer”.   As an example, imagine how much money you would spend if you were at home but you had to buy your groceries at 7/11 or other convenience stores.  In the Cancun Hotel Zone, there are only convenience stores.  There are no grocery stores. The savings can be very substantial.  Even if you are staying in one of the condos that offers the all inclusive option, I recommend the Walmart run.  You might be surprised how often you are looking for snacks and drinks without the need to head down to the restaurants.

This service has become so popular, that I now offer it as either an In House service, or you can book this directly through the transfer

$30 via credit card paid when you book your transfers.

Cost if booked In House:

Cost if booked via the transfer company:

$60 cash when service is rendered.

In House



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