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How Much do I Tip?

Should I tip if I’m on the all-inclusive, I thought tips were included in all-inclusive?  

The amount of gratuity given for wait staff personnel for all-inclusive service is either non-existent or extremely minimal.  Please be sure to tip as you would if you were purchasing a drink in your country.  Simply estimate what the cost would be if you had paid for the drinks in your country and tip accordingly.

Concierge for helping with your bags: About $1-$2 per bag.  

Transfer company: $2 per bag for the larger bags (non cary-ons) is good.  On the way back to the airport, don’t forget all your pesos in coins.  You’ll notice some coins are 10 pesos each which is close to $1 each.

Get Singles Before you head to Cancun: Before you head to Cancun, I suggest you go to your bank and get $30 or so all in singles. You may not get to the money exchange in Cancun right away.  Singles are VERY helpful to have with you when traveling abroad for the purpose of tipping.

This works well:  

If you are taking the all inclusive, and you are down by the beach, or at the pool, let a staff member know you would like service there.  Then, on that first tip, make it around $2 per drink or so. From then on, go about .50 cents per drink ($1 minimum if only 1 drink), occasionally make it a bit more more, and you will get excellent service and big smiles all day.

Restaurants: Same as most other countries, 15% if good, 20% if very good or excellent.