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How to Book FAQ’s

FAQ’s:  Rates & How to Book

The information necessary to make a reservation is similar to what you need when you book a hotel, with the exception that a deposit is also required.  To make a reservation you will be asked for the following 8 pieces of information.  Please note:  An “*” means that the line item is not required at the time of booking, but is required prior to arrival.

1)  Your first and last name (you must be 27 years old or older to make the reservation)

2)  When you are arriving and departing

3)  What condo you are reserving

4)  Credit card number, expiration, & security code (checks are accepted, further details are noted on this page)

5)  Name as it appears on the card - Visa, mastercard or Discover cards are accepted.  We do not take american express.

6)  The full bill to address of the credit card

7)  *How many are coming, and the names and ages of each person coming.  This can be emailed to me later, need it at some point before you arrive to Cancun.

8)  *Flight information.  (if people are arriving at different times, the first arrival to Cancun & last departure from Cancun)

Flight info is not required at the time you book.

How do I provide the information above?

You can either call or book online.  To call, the number is 847-636-2232 (Tim Miller)

To book online, the secure link is: https://forms.logiforms.com/formdata/user_forms/25460_7083865/300360/page1.html?cachebust=5110

What is the amount of the deposit?  20% of the total.  

When is the balance due?  60 days prior to arrival.  For Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years  90 days prior to arrival. Christmas and New Years are 20% down, 20% due 5 months prior, 20% due 4 months prior, balance due 90 days prior.

What if it is already 60 days prior to arrival?  Then 20% is charged as the deposit, and the balance is charged 1 week afterwards.  

Do we receive a receipt, or some sort of confirmation?  Yes, whether you book by phone or online, you receive an e-confirmation/receipt no later than the next business day after making the reservation.  This confirmation will show your confirmation number, when you are arriving and departing, where you are staying, total, deposit, balance, check-in & check-out time, and any special notes if applicable.

Is there a minimum age requirement?  

Yes, you must be 27 years of age or older to make a reservation, unless specified in writing via email that an exception has been made.

Do you have to book Saturday to Saturday only?  No, generally speaking you can arrive any day of the weak if you are booking a full weak.  

Is the weekly rate based on 7 days or 7 nights?  7 nights, arriving at 4pm check in time (or after) and departing that same day one week  later at 11am check out time…    For early check in or late check out policy....

For the nightly rates, what does Nightly Standard mean, and Nightly Prime?  

Nightly Standard is Monday-Thursday nights.  Nightly Prime is Friday-Sunday nights.  

How does the price work if we stay a week and it is between rate changes?

The price is pro-rated accordingly.

What if we want to stay 8 nights or more?

You receive the weekly rate pro-rated to the number of nights you are staying.

What if we want to stay only 6 nights?  Isn’t  it more expensive to stay 6 nights (using nightly rates) than it is to stay for a week?  Yes, it is more expensive to stay 6 nights than it would be for a week.  Therefore  you would receive the weekly rate.  If you can not take advantage of staying 7 nights, if you happen to have an early flight in, you could at  least  check in as early as you like.  Or if you have a late flight out on the back end of your stay you  could check out as late as you like.

If we decide to stay less than a week, is there a minimum number of nights we have to stay?  Yes, 3 nights is the minimum.

Are there any times of year that nightly rates and the 3 night minimum stay are not an option?  

Yes, There are 4 night minimum stays from Jan 6-April 30 and June 1-Aug 22.  For Thanksgiving week, Christmas and New Years weak, nightly rates are not available (7 nights or more required).  Bookings that include Memorial day weekend require a 5 night minimum.  

Do you charge a refundable security deposit?

Yes,  a security deposit of $300 is charged when the final balance is due.  

When is the security deposit returned, assuming there is no damage?

The credit is processed 7 days after departure of the condo.  Please note to allow 3 business days for the credit to post AFTER it is processed.  This is normal for all vendors.

If I’m going off the rate chart, is there anything I need to add to the rates?

Yes, there is a one time $195 cleaning/laundering/processing fee that applies to any stay as noted to the left of the rates on the rates and availability page.

Is there anything else that needs to be added?

No, nothing else.

In your email it says that the price is “all in” or “complete”, do I still have to add the $195 fee?

No, you do not.  All prices provided via email are given as a complete total with that fee included.

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