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How to get a Hold on Your Dates

What if I’m ready to book but I’d want to secure my flights first or tie up a couple loose ends with the others that are coming?

You can request a hold for your dates by emailing me and simply requesting the hold: : Tim  -  cancun3000@gmail.com

How can I be sure my dates are being held?

You will see your dates on the availability calendar.  They will be in orange which means “Pending”.  You will also see to the right of the availability calendar a hold screen.  This will display your name, dates being held, and when the hold is set to expire.  Lastly, you will receive a “Hold Confirmation” via email detailing where you would be staying, when you would be arriving and departing, etc., along with when the hold expires.

Does a hold cost anything?


Am I committing to anything if I get a hold?


How long can you hold my dates?

You can get up to 4 days out of a hold.  Holds are good for 2 days at a time.  To get 4 days out of your hold all you do is email me the day the first hold is set to expire and your hold will be extended 2 more days.

Do I receive an updated hold confirmation when I extend it?


Why do we have to get an extension to get two more days, why not 4 days all at once?  

This is only to ensure that you still have interest in the unit while the dates are off the market.  I get inquiries every day.  If someone is told their dates “might be available”  because someone has a hold on them they will normally move on to another option.  I try to avoid this of course and each day counts.

Is there a time holds expire?  Yes, they expire at midnight 2 days after the request.  The expiration date and time is posted on the hold screen.

What if I need a little more time?

You can renew a hold one time for 2 additional days.  (4 days total hold time).

How do I renew a hold if I have to?  

Simply email me requesting a hold extension on the day the hold will expire.  Tim  -  cancun3000@gmail.com

Do I receive another hold confirmation when I ask for the extension?


How do I find this “Hold Screen” you are talking about?

It is on the same page as Rates & Availability for the condo you are considering.

If I don’t have a hold, but I decide to book and the calendar shows available, how do I know for certain the dates are available then?

Hover over the “Explore Vacation Rentals” located at the top of any page on this web site.  In the drop down menu click on the condo you are considering.  Then click on “Rates & Availability” located to the upper part of the photo gallery.  Alternatively, you can navigate straight to the page by: Hover over “Explore Vacation Rentals” then in the drop down menu hover over the condo you are considering, then in the submenu that appears click on “Rates & Availability”.  

I am using my cell phone and finding it difficult to navigate to that page, is there an easier way if I am  using a cell phone?

Yes.  Click on “Explore Condo Rentals”.  Click on the condo you are considering.  Click on “Rates & Availability”.

If you are on a cell phone sometimes this can be To the right of the availability calendar you will see “Pending Holds”.  If it says, “Clear - None at this time” you are good to go.

If if it shows a hold for the dates I want to book, how do I know when the hold will expire?

The expiration date and time is shown also.

What if they extend the hold?  

A new expiration date will be displayed for the hold.

What if it says the hold expires today at midnight central time and the next morning it still shows the same hold expiration of midnight last night?

First, I suggest you check the calendar itself to see if the hold has turned into a reservation.  If it has not please email me to verify availability prior to booking to make sure.

So if I have been watching a hold and I see it’s removed and the calendar still shows available, can I book safely then?

Yes, you are absolutely good to go at that point.  If there are no holds showing on the screen, and no hold and no bookings shown on the availability calendar you are good to go.  The calendars and holds are and updated daily.