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In Home Cook

for food costs are provided or you are welcome to go with to the store.  If you have more than 8, figure $6 per person for each person beyond 8.  Please note that if you are renting more than one condo, it’s best to have 2 cooks.

$6 US dollars cash per person above & beyond 8 + food cost.

Cost for groups of 8 or less:

Cost for more than 8:

$50 US dollars cash plus the cost of food -  paid when service is rendered.

In Home Meals

This service has gone over wonderfully.  Please note that our cooks are not professional chefs, but they are good cooks.  I am fortunate to know many terrific people in Cancun I refer to as my extended family. Guests have reported the food is delicious, and the ladies just delightful, and a joyful cultural experience as well.  Elaina, Francis or another member of our extended family will come to the condo where you are staying and cook for your family.  Clean up afterwards is also included.

The type of food prepared is Mexican of course.  Sometimes I find husbands booking this for their wives as a special treat.  The cost for this service is $50 plus the cost for food. The value is so strong I have had people ask me on several occasions if this is per person or for the whole group, so I’m clarifying a bit more here.  The cost is for preparing the meal for your whole group of up to 8 people/not per person + the cost of food.  Receipts

In House


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