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In House Services Offered


The services you are requesting may already be booked when you submit the form.  If the service(s) you request are booked for the date(s) you would like, alternate dates (if available) will be noted when I get back to you on your request.


In House Special Services:  Please note that you will need your confirmation number found on your e-confirmation to book any of the In House Special Services.  These services are not offered to the public.  If you have not yet provided your flight information, please have your flight information also ready before proceeding to the online form.  It is not mandatory to have your flight information but it is very helpful if you include it when booking the In House Services.

Thank you.  Tim Miller


What are in House Special Services?

*  They are services that are provided by our extended family in Cancun.

*  They are booked online via the link above.

Non Profit:  

All of these options are offered to our guests on a non-profit basis.  There is no mark-up whatsoever.   They are all provided at raw cost as a courtesy to our guests.  Therefore, if you are not staying with us, PLEASE do not ask if you can still take advantage of the options you will find on this page.  The options are for our guests only please. Thank you.


Payment for any in house service is paid in cash directly to the service provider, or as my manager in Cancun instructs. Payments are due at the time the service is provided.  I don’t take payment myself for anything other than the rental of the condo.  

Who are Abdiel and Francis?   

Abdiel and Francis are my managers in Cancun.  Mike also takes people out on his boat for the snorkeling and fishing excursions.  

How these ideas came to life:

My brother and I purchased several beachfront vacation rentals in Florida back in early 2003.  In 2004 my brother and I discovered Cancun, and we were blown away, we sold out of Florida and bought a unit here, #2701.  We fell in love with Cancun, the beauty is outstanding, like another world, surreal, unlike anything we had ever seen before.  

After settling in to the Cancun market, I found travelers were asking me the same questions over and over again.  And they were good questions, but I didn’t have very good answers.  So I set out to satisfy these repeated questions & requests. It didn’t happen overnight.  It’s been a part of my work for several years now.  It’s been very rewarding to hear back from guests about these services.  Often times the snorkeling or fishing excursion is raved about by guests as the highlight of their trip.  

Tim Miller

In House


$6 US dollars cash per person above & beyond 8 + food cost.

Cost for groups of 8 or less:

Cost for more than 8:

$50 US dollars cash plus the cost of food -  paid when service is rendered.

In Home Meals

This service has gone over wonderfully.  Please note that our cooks are not professional chefs, but they are good cooks.  I am fortunate to know many terrific people in Cancun I refer to as my extended family. Guests have reported the food is delicious, and the ladies just delightful, and a joyful cultural experience as well.  Elaina, Francis or another member of our extended family will come to the condo where you are staying and cook for your family.  Clean up afterwards is also included.

The type of food prepared is Mexican of course.  Sometimes I find husbands booking this for their wives as a special treat.  The cost for this service is $50 plus the cost for food. The value is so strong I have had people ask me on several occasions if this is per person or for the whole group, so I’m clarifying a bit more here.  The cost is for preparing the meal for your whole group of up to 8 people/not per person + the cost of food.  Receipts for food costs are provided or you are welcome to go with to the store.  If you have more than 8, figure $5 per person for each person beyond 8.  Please note that if you are renting more than one condo, it’s best to have 2 cooks.

In House


In Home Child Care

It’s not uncommon that parents need a break and some adult time.  Our extended family in Cancun are wonderful with children.  So if you’d like a night out, or even a day break, schedule a sitter.  


1)  More than 4 children would require an additional caretaker.

2)  If any child is less than a year old, please add $2 per hour to all hourly rates.

3)  When there is one or more children less than a year old, no more than 3 children per caretaker please.

4)  When paying, please round to the nearest ¼ hour.

5)  Rates above are per caretaker.

6)  Minimum Charge: $35

7)  Payment is made directly to the care taker in US dollars after service is provided.

$9 per hour 1st 3 hours, $7 per hour for additional hours.

1 Child:

2 Children:

$7 per hour 1st 3 hours, $5 per hour for additional hours.

$11 per hour 1st 3 hours, $9 per hour for additional hours.

3 Children:

4 Children:

$10 per hour 1st 3 hours, $8 per hour for additional hours.

In House


The Snorkeling Excursion

One of the important things to remember about any tour is that there are two general varieties, public and private.  With a public tour you will be with other people you don’t know.  With a private tour, it’s only your group.  Private tours are therefore always more expensive of course for good reason.  The snorkeling tour is private.  Moreover it’s provided by a dear friend of mine, Mike (Miguel) who is a terrific guy.  

I have known Mike for several years.  His family comes from many generations of fisherman.  When Cancun became famous, he started offering tourists snorkeling and fishing tours.  Mike is a great guy, he loves people, you will really enjoy him.  Most tours, even the private ones, have more of a corporate feel to them.  With Mike, not at all so. If you are out there and you ask to just stop and anchor down for a while no problem.  We do this a lot when we go out.  It can get pretty warm out there.  So I’ll ask Mike to stop so we can jump in and cool off.  The water is amazing, crystal clear and warm.  You can see down to the bottom from 20 ft. or more.  Mike takes you to government protected waters. The underwater beauty there is incredible, rated #2 in the world.   Mike also takes you to an island called Isla Mujeres where he provides you lunch.  The snorkeling tour runs 5-6 hours. For groups of 6 or more the cost is $60US dollars per person and is paid in cash when you go out.  This even includes lunch on the island of Isla Mujeres.  For groups of less than 6, the cost is $390 for the group.  His boat holds 12 people comfortably. As a side note, I keep a good size cooler on wheels in every condo.  I highly recommend you take that with you when you go out.  Fill it with your favorite drinks and snacks before you head out. There is a convenience store right there at the harbor where you can purchase ice, snacks, drinks, etc.  Don’t forget your sunscreen.  I highly recommend going out on the boat with Mike, you’ll have a great time, very casual and laid back enjoyable time and private for your group.

$390US dollars cash for the whole group when service is rendered.

Round Trip Transportation is Included.

Cost for groups of 6 or more:

Cost for groups of less than 6:

$60US dollars cash per person when service is rendered.

Round Trip Transportation is Included.

In House


Additional Cleaning/Laundering

In case you have not rented a condo before:  When you arrive, the condo is clean and ready to go, much like a hotel room is prepared, except much bigger. There is no daily maid service included when you rent a condo.  At least not typically.  Each condo does have a washer/dryer inside.  However you can opt for additional cleaning cycles if you would like.

There are two types you can choose from.  Premium service includes freshly laundered linens when the beds are made up.  Standard service does not.  You can book any type

 of service you would like for any day or days you would like. Please note that neither service is designed for cleaning up a huge kitchen mess.


*  If you plan on leaving while this service is being done, you must pay the service provider before you leave.  If you leave and you do not pay first, please do not plan on your condo being clean when you return.

*  If you plan on not being there at all when the service is being done, you must pay my manager in advance.

Unfortunately, we have had several guests who have left without paying for this service. Therefore we had to institute these rules.  

Standard Cleaning:  Includes making up the beds, general picking up, taking out the garbage, general kitchen cleaning.  Service does not include freshly laundered linens.

Premium Cleaning:  Includes making up the beds with freshly laundered linens, general picking up, taking out the garbage, general kitchen cleaning.  

In House


$85 US dollars per cycle paid in cash as noted in the rules above.

Standard Cleaning:

Premium Cleaning:

$50 US dollars per cycle paid in cash as noted in the rules above.

Will come up in new tab.

To make changes to an existing service reservation.

Will come up in new tab.

company that I link to.    

Do you recommend booking this In House or via the transfer company?

It depends.  Most people are booking this via the transfer company these days.  Here are the reasons why most are booking this via the transfer company.

*  Everyone in your group can go.  If you book In House, one of my managers in Cancun will take you.  And only 2 or 3 people can fit into their vehicle.

*  Saves time.  When you book via the transfer company, you go straight from the airport to the Super Walmart, then to the condo.

*  Going with the transfer company is ½ the price, $30 rather than $60.

*  Schedules.  Sometimes groups have an early flight in and at the same time we have another group departing the same day for the condo you selected.  Since check in time is 4pm, this allows you to use that down time wisely.  As a side note, I do offer a real nice option if you have an early flight in which allows you to relieve yourself of your luggage so you can go out and enjoy your day.  For details on this, hover over the “Main Menu” tab at the top of the page, then click on “General Information” then click on “Early Check In - Late Check Out”.

How do you book this via the transfer company?

After you make your reservation, you will be receiving an e-confirmation.  On your e-confirmation you will see the transfer company link along with a password.  When you enter the password, this option will appear.  Simply select this option.  If you book via the transfer company, the Walmart Run is added to your total for the transfer to and from the resort.  Payment via this method is in advance via credit card.

Are there any advantages to booking this In House?

Sure.  Here are a few reasons.

*  You may have a later flight and not want to deal with going shopping right away.  

*  Sometimes the previous guests have left a few items at the condo that you may have purchased had you booked with the transfer company.

*  If you would like to take your time shopping this might be the way to go.  My managers in Cancun do not impose a time limit on how long you can be in the store.  Whereas the transfer company will allow you an hour for shopping time while they wait.

*  My mangers will help bring up all your grocery bags up into the condo.

Should we plan on buying things there like toilet paper, dish detergent, laundry detergent, etc.?

Yes.  We provide a full roll of toilet paper and a full back up roll in each bathroom.  We also provide enough laundry detergent and dish detergent just to get you started in case you can’t make it to the store right away.

            The Grocery Run

Of all the In House Services offered, taking advantage of this one is the proverbial “no-brainer”.   As an example, imagine how much money you would spend if you were at home but you had to buy your groceries at 7/11 or other convenience stores.  In the Cancun Hotel Zone, there are only convenience stores.  There are no grocery stores. The savings can be very substantial.  Even if you are staying in one of the condos that offers the all inclusive option, I recommend the Walmart run.  You might be surprised how often you are looking for snacks and drinks without the need to head down to the restaurants.

This service has become so popular, that I now offer it as either an In House service, or you can book this directly through the transfer

$30 via credit card paid when you book your transfers.

Cost if booked In House:

Cost if booked via the transfer company:

$60 cash when service is rendered.

In House