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A)  Public means you are going with many others in a big bus.  The bus stops at the hotels in the hotel zone to pick people up who have booked a given tour for that day.  Public tours are therefore more economically friendly. However it can take an hour or so for all the pick ups to be made before heading out to the tours, and also for all the drop offs to be made when the tour is over.

B)  Private means that the only people you will be with during the transportation portion of your tour is your own group. This is often true of the tour itself as well.  Read the descriptions next to each tour for details. Private tours are always more expensive of course.  Although the pricing is not much more than public if you have 6 to 10 adults in your group.  If you want to opt for a private tour and you have more than 10, you would want to email the tour provider for a quote.   The reason for the quote is the passenger vans for the private tours hold 10 people max so another van would be required for more than 10.  

How to Read a Private Tour Chart- Below is 1 example of of a private tour chart.  Pricing will be different for each tour, however the basic idea of the chart layout is always the same.  The more adults you have going, the less the cost per adult.  There is a max capacity of 10, including children.  As an example & referencing the  chart below, let’s say you had 6 adults and 2 childrenin your group.  Your cost per adult would be $109, the cost per child would be $65.

What is considered a child.? It depends on the tour.  Sometimes it’s based on height, other times it’s based on age. When it is based on age, it’s usually about 11 and under.  When based on height, it’s usually about 55” and under. The information for each is along side each recommendation below when applicable.

C)  On Your Own:  You can opt to drive yourself to some of these tours.  Whether or not this makes financial sense depends on several factors.  Usually it does not make sense to drive yourselves there.  I will provide information when applicable to help you decide.  

3)  What is a Tour/Activity Broker?  Anyone or any company that is sells tours/activities with the intent to make a profit from such transactions that is not actually providing the activity itself.  Tour/Activity brokers typically provide round trip transportation to activities/tours outside the hotel zone, collect payment, handle cancellations, customer service questions, etc. The vast majority of tours/activities booked for those staying in Cancun & the Riviera Maya is done through tour/activity brokers.  I DO NOT receive commissions of any kind for ANY service, tour, excursion, or activity of any kind except for the rental of one of the properties I represent.  This is very important so that the recommendations I make are always non-biased.

4)  Commissions in Mexico:  In Mexico, the culture is different in that when a person refers you to another resulting in a transaction a commission is expected.  I have been offered commissions for tours and airport transfers from Entertainment-plus.net.  Rather than except the commission, I asked that they provide me a promo code for my guests.  In essence, my guests receive the commission in the form of a discount via this promo code (if booked with entertainment-plus.net).  The amount is $5 per adult.  To take advantage of this, entertainmentplus.net was very clear that this would be for my guests only. Therefor on your confirmation after booking a condo you will find the promo code.  There is also a promo code that saves you $5 off the total cost of the airport transfer.

5)  Does this mean you recommend we book with entertainment-plus.net?  Not necessarily.  In my recommendations you will find the company that has the best price for that activity or tour.  Often times cancundiscounts.com has the better price, even with the promo code.  Other times not so.  Still other times, the offering is only available directly through the service provider.

6)  Does the activity/tour have to be one of your recommendations to get the discount?  No, the discount applies to every activity, tour, excursion they offer.

7)  Do we have to book a condo with you to get the promo code?  Yes.

8)  Tour/Activity Brokers vs. booking and paying direct through the company that is actually giving the tour/activity:

You will find that unless you have already planned to put for the expense to rent a car (which is not necessary in Cancun), booking and paying directly is not as cost effective on the whole as going through a tour provider.  Often times even if you have a rental car, it makes more sense to book through a broker.

9)  The tour/activity brokers that I recommend are Entertainment-Plus.net & CancunDiscounts.com their links are shown below. Their service is very strong & their pricing is very competitive.  Of these two, when possible I recommend Entertainment-Plus because only 25% down is required and their cancellation policy is the best in the business.  With Entertainment-Plus you can cancel without penalty as late as 2pm the day before the tour/activity.  With Cancun Discounts it’s 48 hours without penalty.  

10)  AquaWorld in the Hotel Zone:  Some of the activities/tours I recommend that are the Cancun Hotel Zone are provided by AquaWorld. AquaWorld is not a broker, they are the actual provider.  The reason I cannot use brokers for some of these activities provided by AquaWorld is simple because not all activities provided by AquaWorld are available through a broker.  

11) Booking  Online:  If you want to book in advance, you can do so via the links shown below.  I am Not a tour provider. This page was created for the benefit of our guests.  The links for booking the tours/activities take you to the providers web site in a new tab.  For the activities shown where the online booking is via the AquaWorld web site, you may want to consider walking in rather than booking in advance as all sales are final.  Whereas with the tours provided by Entertainment-Plus you can cancel as late as 2pm the day before the tour. Other tour providers shown typically have reasonable cancellation policies, please review their web site for details.

12)  Links:  For your convenience, I placed below the 3 most popular links you will find on the two Activities - Tours - Excursions pages..





10)  No Mark Up:  As always, please know that I make no commission of any kind should you decide to book a tour via the links shown below or via the In House Special Services section.  I’m confident you’ll find the recommendations below are the best values available in Cancun.

11)  I am NOT a tour Broker or Provider: I have provided the recommendations and links below as a convenience for our guests.  For questions from our guests about these tours I recommend that you contact the tour broker or tour provider directly. To do so, click on “Contact” or “Contact Us” on the tour broker’s provider’s web site or in their web site links shown below.

12)  Your Feedback Can Help:  If you choose a tour, be it on the list below or not, I would love to hear your feedback about your experience.   

Thank you.   Tim               - Please scroll down to view the activities/tours -

1) What You Want To Know First - In & Outside The Zone:

Many activities and tours are experienced in the hotel zone, or very close by the hotel zone.  Many more tours are an hour or more drive from Cancun.  For tours in the hotel zone transportation normally not included.  For these tours I recommend you take the bus, especially for larger groups.  For smaller groups, cab or bus, whichever you prefer.  Buses run 24/7 in the hotel zone. You can go anywhere in the hotel zone for .65 cents a person.  The wait is rarely more than a 2-3 minutes.

2)  Knowing the Mode Outside The Zone:

There are 3 basic ways of doing a tour that is outside the hotel zone.  Most of these are 60-90 minute drives.  Few are less, very few are more.  Chichen Itza is one of the exceptions being 126 miles from Cancun.  You can go on these tours in one of 3 ways.  Public, Private, or On Your Own.

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