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Miscellaneous Helpful Tips

Your Cell Phones:

Will my US cell phone work in Mexico?

Most likely, yes.  However, it’s important you check with your service provider before going to find out both if it

will work, and what the rates will be if it does.  If you are a Verizon user, you have the option of calling Verizon

before going to Cancun to change your plan (to an International plan of some type) for only the time you are away,

which could be a substantial savings.  However, you are also responsible for changing the plan back after your

return home.  They wont automatically do that for you.  

Update on cell phones for those who use AT&T.  A similar short term plan is now offered that will cut your bill in half

while you are in Cancun (from .99 cents a minute down to .50 as of this writing - June of 2010).

Update on cell phone for those who use T-Mobile - Aug 2010, new short term plan, best price wise so far, just .25 cents a minute.  Don’t forget, you have to call your service provider to change your plan for while you are away.  You have to do this before you leave.

With all of the new positive changes I’ve seen from the service providers lately, no matter who you have I would call them about a short term plan for while you are in Cancun.  They are so handy, you’ll be glad you did.  Just remember, you must call BEFORE you go to Cancun.  No service provider will switch your plan after you have departed.

Also, when you call to change your plan, don’t forget to include text messaging, especially if you like texting.  Some customer service agents will forget to ask you about it and just like the calling, it can get expensive real quick without the short term plan.

Cell phone update: 02/25/2011:  Verizon will now change your plan over the phone to the temporary Mexico plan, and also allow you to give them the date you want your plan to go back to the one you are on now.  They enter the date in the system and you are all good. There is no longer a need to switch back your plan after you return home if you are a Verizon user.  For other cell phone service providers, I recommend you check to see if this is now possible with your service.  I encourage anyone to please email or call me if they have additional information to share regarding cell phone usage in Mexico, be it a US based service, Europe, or elsewhere.  

Thank you to our guests that have taken the time to email me regarding recently updated information or simply unknown information (not shared on the site) for various cell phone service providers.  This has allowed me to continuously update this very useful subject for the benefit of all who are looking to travel to Cancun Mexico.   To our future guests, please keep the updates coming!  

Dialing in Cancun

When dialing the US from Cancun it is 001 - area code - number

When dialing outside of Mexico from your cell phone:  You should be able to dial the 1 + 10 digit number, after your cell phone has recalibrated itself.  This normally takes a few hours.  

When you are in Cancun:  998 is the area code

From Land line to land line:  dial 044-plus the 7 digit local number

From Land line to Mexican cell phone:  dial 998-plus the 7 digit number.  Do not put the “1” in front.

From Mexican cell phone to land line:   7 digit number only

From Mexican cell phone to Mexican cell phone: 998-plus the 7 digit number.

Tid Bits

Plug adapters NOT needed:  

Do we need special plug adapters for the electrical sockets in Cancun?  

No, you do not.

Use the cooler provided for you in the condo:  

You are allowed to pack up the cooler in any of the vacation rentals on the site, and take it down to the pool or beach with you.  The cooler is the type that is on wheels, so it’s easy to take it with you. Please note that if you are taking drinks anywhere outside, you must have plastic glasses.  You will find some in the condo.

Biodegradable Sunscreen:  

Most tours in Cancun involve water in some way.  Most places will insist that you wear biodegradable sunscreen if you will be going in the water.  Whether it be pool water, the ocean, cenotes, etc. it doesn’t matter. This is to protect the environment.  You can purchase it here in the US before going at most any store that sells sunscreen.  Or you can purchase it at the Super Walmart in Cancun if you plan on going there.  If you don’t have it when you go, they will make you buy from them if you cannot supply it on your own.  They will want to see the bottle you are using to be sure.  They will of course also charge you more than you would be able to purchase it for elsewhere.

Insect repellant:  

For tours in the jungle that that suggest bringing along insect repellent, try using “Skin So Soft” in a bath or shower.  The Skin So Soft line includes insect repellents.  However, I have found that the original bath oil works very well in keeping mosquitos away.  And it doesn’t have that toxic smell associated with most all insect repellents.  

You can get it at Amazon:  Skin So Soft on Amazon