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Reservations FAQ’s

FAQ’s: Expanded FAQ’s for Reservations

What if we don’t know for sure yet who is coming?  

If you do not yet have the final list of names and ages for your group, please insert those in your group who are confirmed to this point.  If there are more than 10 in your group, please note the remaining names and ages in the big box at the bottom of the form.  This box holds plenty of text.  You can also place any notes you like in this box.

What if we don’t have our flights booked yet?

It is not necessary to have your flight information at the time you book the condo.  You will be reminded via email to provide your flight information prior to your arrival to Cancun.

What can I expect to receive after I make the reservation?

You will receive an acknowledgment immediately after submitting your reservation.  You will also receive an e-confirmation/receipt the next business day after submitting your reservation.

How do I know FOR SURE the dates I’m booking are available?  Calendars are kept current.  To ensure availability for your dates, also check the Hold Screen for the condo you are booking.  Holds on dates are not uncommon.  You can view the Hold Screen for the condo you are booking by going to the condo you want and clicking on “Rates & Availability”.  The Hold Screen is to the right of the availability calendar for each condo.  To view the condo you are considering hover over the “Cancun Vacation Rentals” tab at the top of any page on the site.

When I have booked condos in the past they always had me sign a contract, isn’t there some sort of contract or short term lease I need to sign?    

No, I don’t require a signed contract.  But I do ask that you read all the information that is specific to the condo you are reserving.  There is a lot of information provided for your benefit, so I encourage you to take the time to read the information.  I also encourage you to read the cancellation policy.  To access, hover your mouse over the General Info tab and make your selection.


How do I know if the online form is secure?

On any web page, you can see if the page is encrypted or not by right clicking anywhere in the body of the page.  Then left click on “View Page Info”.  You can also click on the site seal logo to view the security certificate details.   The Online Form uses high grade encryption that cannot be viewed by another party. Additionally, the credit card information submitted remains in a password protected server.  The remaining information is emailed to you as part of your acknowledgment immediately after you submit your reservation.  To verify any pages security factors on the web, right click anywhere in the page and a menu will pop up.  You should also see Https:// before the “www.”.  The “s” is for secure pages.  In most browsers today you will also see green text to the left of the URL signifying your browser has checked the security certificate and also it has had no complaints against that URL.  

The rates on the site show different than what you had quoted me via email.  If I book online, how do I know I will be charged the right amount?

If you have an email quote that is less than 10 days old and that quote is different than what the rates show you will be given whichever shows the lesser total between the email and rates posted.  If the email is more than 10 days old the total will be based on the rates as posted.

How will you know when you respond to so many people?

Because there is a field on the online form that asks for your email address.  It will ask you to please enter the same email address you used when you were communicating with Tim from timsoceancondos@gmail.com or Tim from cancun3000@gmail.com.  If you aren’t sure which email you used, enter the email you think you used.  Then in the box for notes let me know that it may have been a different email, and put the other email address(es) it could have been in there. Once I know your email address, referencing any quote I would have provided you is a snap.

Is there a time limit an email quote is good for?

Yes, email quotes will be honored for a period of 10 days.  After that, please email me to ask about the quote.

Can we use more than one credit card for the deposit and or the balance?  Yes, you can.  If you need to do so, place the additional credit card information in the notes box.  This box allows for a virtually unlimited amount of text, so don’t be fooled by the size of the box.  If you do need use more than one card, don’t forget to include the full bill to address, the security code on the back, and how the name reads on the card.

What if I am booking several condos on line for my dates?  Please enter the additional unit number(s) in the notes box at the bottom of the online form.  The form will allow for 2 units, if you need more please put that in the notes box at the bottom of the online form.


How do I know my credit card information I enter into the online booking system is safe?  Right click in the body of the page then left click to view security information.  You’ll see the page is encrypted, so all the information you place on the form appears scrambled to any would be “bad guys”.

How can the system know how much to charge my card?

The system is not automated regarding charging your card.  Its function is to make it easy for you to book while keeping your information safe.  The system alerts me via email that I have a reservation and I then charge your card after first referencing any email correspondence we may have had.

If the system isn’t automated, how do we get an acknowledgment right away?

The system is automated in this way.  I receive that same acknowledgement that you receive, which alerts me to go in and process your reservation.

How do I know how much the charge will be for?

Only the deposit portion of the rental will be charged to your card at this point, unless you are booking with 21 days or less before your arrival date.  The amount of the deposit is 20% of the total, or as indicated in any email correspondence, whichever is less.

How much will the total amount of the rental be?

The total amount of the rental is what is shown in the Rates & Availability for the property you are selecting.  If you have an email that shows a different amount, the total will be whichever is less, as long as the email quote is 10 days old or less.  You can always email in for a more current quote.  NOTE 1: When referring to the online rates, all that you need to add to the rates to arrive at your complete total is a one-time cleaning/laundering/processing fee of $195.  This fee covers costs associated with processing and also clean-up & laundering after your departure.  NOTHING ELSE needs to be added to the rates shown online to arrive at your complete total.  NOTE 2: If your pricing came by email, the $195 fee was already included in the total price you received.

What if someone besides me is paying the deposit, or the balance?

If the name on the card is not the same as the name on the reservation, it must be one of the names shown on the reservation, unless otherwise specified in writing via email.

What if I am booking last minute?

If you are booking with 30 days or less prior to arrival, the full amount of the rental will be charged to your card.

What is the name I can expect to see on my credit card statement for the charge?

The name on the charge to your card will show "Tims Direct Ocean Condos".

When is the balance due charged?

For reservations made well in advance, balances are charged 60 days prior to arrival to the same card used for the deposit, unless your booking includes Thanksgiving week or the night of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s day then the balance is charged 90 days prior to arrival.

For bookings OTHER THAN Thanksgiving week or Christmas or New Year’s:  If your reservation is made more than 21 days prior to arrival, but less than 60 days before arrival, the balance is charged to the same card used for the deposit 1 week after you receive your first e-confirmation/receipt.

For bookings that  include the week of Thanksgiving  or Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s day: If your reservation is made more than 21 days prior to arrival, but less than 90 days before arrival, the balance is charged to the same card used for the deposit 1 week after you receive your first e-confirmation/receipt.

How do I get the keys to the condo?  

When the balance is processed, your last and final e-confirmation/receipt will arrive to you.  Your confirmation showing payment in full will contain all the information you need for your vacation stay, including how to get keys, our manager’s cell number, and many other helpful details.

Can we use more than one credit card?

If it is necessary for you to use more than one card for the deposit and or the balance due, this is acceptable.  Please put the additional card holder(s) information details in the box at the bottom of the form.  Please do not forget that the full bill to address is required, along with exactly how the name reads on the card and the 3 digit security code located on the back of the card.  Also please indicate how much to place on each card.

How do we get the keys?  The 2nd confirmation has all of this information.  The 2nd and final confirmation will provide you with everything that was on the first confirmation.  And the final confirmation will also detail the following information:

1)  Paid in full receipt

2)  Wireless inter-net security code

3)  Phone number of the condo

4)  Phone number of the resort

5)  My managers cell number

6)  Emergency phone number

7)  How to dial in Mexico (from a land line, from a US cell, from Mexican cell, etc.)

8)  Any special notes (for example if you expressed interest in going to the Walmart, snorkeling on Mike’s boat, etc.)

9)  Local pizza delivery number

10)  A list of details (some info are rules like no smoking inside the property, others are more informational such as info regarding US cell phone expectations from various service providers)

11)  The confirmation will also tell you that every effort will be made to have my manager in Cancun there to meet you at the resort at the time of your arrival.  This method is preferred.  First, it’s nice to feel welcome and have someone that cares showing you around the condo, how the various electronics and appliances in the unit work, etc.  It will also explain that if my manager is not able to connect with your group for any reason, how to get the keys.  How to get the keys depends on where you are staying.  For example, at some resorts we place the keys in a lock box that is affixed right next to the front door of the condo.  The code is on your confirmation.  At other resorts, we leave the keys at the lobby front desk in your name (the name on the confirmation).

What if we might want some of the In House Special Services, but we aren’t sure yet?

If you have interest in any of the In House Special Services, you would book those after you first book the condo. You will need your confirmation number that is noted on your e-confirmation in order to book any of the In House Special Services.

Where do I find these “In Home Special Services?”

Hover over the “General Info” located at the top of the page.  In the drop down menu click on “In House Services Offered”.

How do we pay for these In House Special Services?

You pay in cash only please, after you arrive to Cancun.  You would pay the service provider directly, or as our manager in Cancun instructs.  My manager’s information is noted on your e-confirmation.  

How do we book the In House Special Services?

If you want to book any of the additional In House Special Services I offer, you would want to do that at some point after first booking the condo.  The reason is that a lot of people ask me about these services even if they aren’t staying with us. I tried accommodating people in this regard, even if they weren’t staying with us, especially if it was because our units were already booked up.  But it got to be too much. If you want to book the additional services, you’ll find the link on the “Tim’s Picks & Tips” page.

Notes: Any pertinent details you type into the notes box will also be shown on your confirmation.  They will not be shown on your acknowledgment.  The reason is in case you need to provide additional credit card info in that box the info will remain in the secure server.

How do we get to our hotel from the airport?

I do not provide airport transfers. To get the best pricing I have found for a transfer, go to www.cancun-transfers.net However, it is best to wait for your confirmation first.  A password will be shown on your confirmation that will save you some extra money on your transfer. You can book your transfer online.

I would really prefer to send a check, how do I do that?

You make the check payable to:

Tim’s Ocean Condos

1716 Margaret Ct.

McHenry, IL 60051

If you send a check, please note that your dates cannot be held.  Because out of state checks can take up to two weeks to clear, and that’s after I receive the check.  If you want to know your dates are secure while the check is on the way, here is what you can do in 3 steps.  

1) Send a money order or cashier’s check, not a regular check.

2) Send the check via FedEx or UPS so it has a tracking number.  When you send the check, please be sure to mark the box that says “no signature required”.  I’m not always here, so this is important.  Quick side-note: I don’t believe the post office will send something with a tracking number without requiring a signature on my end.  So please use FedEx or UPS.  

3)  After you have the package on its way, email me the tracking number.  At that point, your dates will be secure, and the calendar will be updated to show your reservation.  After the package arrives, you will receive your e-confirmation/receipt.  If you would like an e-confirmation/receipt at the time you provide the tracking number, just let me know and I will provide you an e-confirmation showing a 0 deposit.  Then another one when the check arrives. You do not have to send the package over-night, choosing the lowest cost option is fine.

What if my booking is over a holiday, is anything different?

Yes, the holidays that are subject to different booking rules are:

*  Christmas

*  Easter

*  Memorial Day

*  New Years

*  Thanksgiving

Memorial Day:  For a booking that includes Memorial Day, there is a 5 night minimum stay.

For All Other Holidays Shown Above:  A full week booking is required.  You don’t necessarily have to stay a full week, but you would be paying for a full week, so it’s best to use as much of that time as possible.

Additional Rule for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s bookings only:

Unlike all other bookings, balances for bookings for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are charged 90 days prior to arrival.  

Christmas and New Years only:  20% is due when you book, 20% 5 months prior, 20% 4 months prior, balance due 90 days prior to arrival.

Why is this?

Christmas and New Year’s week are the most popular weeks of the year in Cancun.  Thanksgiving week is also a very popular week.  People who frequent Cancun are well aware of this. That’s why it’s not uncommon to be sold out of these holidays several months ahead of time.  If a cancellation comes along with less than 90 days prior to arrival time, the odds of re-booking these holidays falls off dramatically, since most have already made their reservations well in advance for these holidays.

Are there any special rules when it comes to booking over Thanksgiving or Christmas or New Years?  

Yes, Thanksgiving: If you’re booking comprises part of Thanksgiving week but does not include the day of Thanksgiving the holiday rule still applies.  

Yes, Christmas & New Year’s:  Christmas and New Years are always sold as separate and full weeks or longer.  For a stay that includes Christmas, acceptable departure dates are Dec 27 OR BEFORE.  For a stay that includes New Year’s Eve, acceptable arrival dates are Dec 27 OR AFTER.  Whichever holiday books first sets up what’s available for the other holiday.  You can stay longer than a week if you like. For a week that includes Christmas, additional nights would be on the front end of your stay.  For a stay that includes New Years, additional nights would be on the back end of your stay. The premium holiday rates would apply to the 7 nights.  Additional nights would be at the pro-rated weekly rates for the month you are booking in.  You are welcome to book both Christmas and New Year’s, however the minimum you would be required to pay for in to do so is 1 week at the Christmas week rate and 1 week at the New Year’s week rate.  If you received a quote that is outside of the parameters above, that would be why the quote was higher, often times much higher.

What if it is already less than 90 days prior to arrival when I book Christmas or New Year’s week?  

Then 20% is charged as the deposit, and the balance is charged 1 week afterwards.  An e-confirmation accompanies each of the charges.

Is there anything else we should know before we book?

Yes.  I ask that you view all of the pictures and read over all the information on the web site that is relevant to the condo you are selecting and the resort you are selecting.  Under the General Info tab I recommend you read How to Book, Reservation Frequently asked Questions, and Cancellation Policy.

Which do you prefer we do, call you to book or go online?

Whichever you prefer is what’s most important to me.  If it makes no difference to you, then booking online is easier on my end.                                  

Anything else?

Yes.  Your input.  I value your input & feedback.  I encourage you to email me after you return from your trip.  Many improvements have been made for others as a result of guests taking the time to email their sincere thoughts and suggestions about the property they stayed in.

Thanks for taking the time to read up on the information.

Tim Miller