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Helpful Information before moving on to my picks for restaurants below

Getting to the Restaurants in Cancun:

For those who don’t know, Cancun is like a peninsula that goes out into the ocean then reconnects on the other side.  As you head into Cancun from the airport, you have the ocean on the right, and the fresh water bay on the left.  You’re surrounded by water.  If you look at it on a map or satellite, you’ll notice it’s shaped like a “7”.  It isn’t real big.  The longer part of the 7 is about 7 miles, the shorter part is about 3-4 miles.  The width of the Hotel Zone is quite narrow ranging from about 100 yards from ocean to fresh water, to about 300 yards.  There are a couple of exceptions to the max width, which are areas where the land jets out more into the bay side.  In such cases shopping malls and golf courses typically occupy these areas.

There is only one main road called Kukulcan that runs through the entire hotel zone.  There is no need to rent a car.  Buses run 24/7 and the wait is never long.  The buses will take you anywhere in the hotel zone for .65 cents per person.  Or cabs are always at the ready.  You certainly can rent a car if you wish, but getting around Cancun without one is easy.

Referencing Restaurant & Night Club Locations:

If you do searching on the web for locations in the Cancun Hotel Zone, you’ll notice they refer to Kilometer numbers.  A kilometer is a little over 1/2 a mile, about 5/8 of a mile.  The higher the number, the closer it is to the airport. The “0” point is where the “Cancun peninsula” reconnects to the other side and where the city of Cancun is.  Nearly all of the restaurants are located on the bay side because the resorts occupy the ocean side and a restaurant alone could scarcely survive the costs associated with being on the ocean side.  Lastly, you’ll notice below I will reference how far North or South each restaurant is from the resort.  North is making a right as you pull out of the resort.

Tim’s Picks

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View the site for Captain’s Cove

Captain’s Cove  -  Restaurant

Primary Food:  Seafood

Price:  Moderate to high

Location:  Kilometer 16.5

From the resort:  2 miles North

Excellent Seafood.  Most of the restaurants in Cancun offer great views while dining and Captain’s Cove is no exception.  Non smokers may especially appreciate that Captain’s Cove is all non-smoking.  Smoking is allowed at most restaurants in Cancun. Service here has always been strong.

View the site for La Destileria

La Destileria -  Restaurant

Primary Food:   Mexican

Price:  Moderate

Location:  Kilometer 12.5

From the resort:  4 miles North

Terrific authentic Mexican food.  If you like margaritas, they make excellent margaritas here too.  I usually get the steak burritos.  Ask for the type served in the lava bowl.  You make your own from this bowl that keeps everything hot.  Great home made chips and salsa served free shortly after you sit down.  Very cozy out on the terrace area at night.

View the site for Ruth’s Chris Steak House - Cancun

Ruth’s Chris  -  Restaurant

Primary Food:   Steaks

Price:  High

Location:  Kilometer 12.5

From the resort:  4 miles North

If you have never been to a Ruth’s Chris steak house, I recommend you set a side a special night out and treat yourself.  Everything they serve is superb.  The meal stays hot throughout your dinner.  I don’t know why other high end restaurants don’t learn from Ruth’s Chris on this.  The steaks are phenomenal.  The side dishes are fantastic.  If you like things a little spicy I recommend the lyonnaise potatoes for a side dish.  If it’s your first time, one side dish is enough for 2 people easily, regardless of which one you choose.  No smoking inside.  There is very nice smoking area right near the front door complete with love seats and lounge chairs.

View the site for Fred’s House - Seafood Market & Grill

Fred’s House

Seafood Market & Grill

Primary Food:  Seafood & Steaks

Price:  High

Location:  Kilometer 14.5

From the resort:  3 miles North

From BVG Porto Fino:  3 miles South.

Great food and great service, topped off by a terrific atmosphere.  The Lagoona Grille was one of my favorite places before it closed, and it used to reside here.  Fred did a fantastic job of bringing in an all new look, and the staff is top notch.  The terrace area over looking the bay is very nice.  You can’t go wrong taking a nice night out at Fred’s place.

View the site for Harry’s Steakhouse

Harry’s Steak House

Primary Food:  Steaks & Seafood

Price:  High

Location:  Kilometer 14.2

From the resort:  3 miles North

Harry’s is another one of those “special nights out” type of restaurants. The steaks are superb.  Prices here are North of Ruth’s Chris. However one negative about Ruth’s Chris in Cancun is that there is no water view. Harry’s is right on the bay.  They have a cozy deck out back, designed for cocktails with love seats and lit cocktail tables.  All the dinner tables themselves are inside, although there is floor to ceiling glass so the view is still very nice.  You can opt to have dinner served to you outside as we did.  Excellent service as you might expect, and the outside atmosphere is wonderfully cozy with a ritzy yet relaxed feel.

View the site for Champions Sports Bar

Champions Sports Bar & Grill at J.W. Marriot Casa Magna

Primary Food:  Burgers, wide variety.

Price:  Moderate

Location:  Kilometer 14.5

From the resort:  3 miles North

If you are away in Cancun at a time when you must see that big game on TV, this is my favorite place to go.  It’s sectioned off nicely with plenty of big screen TV’s.  I recommend you get there about 1/2 hour before your game is set to start to sort of “stake your claim” to your game.  The staff will set your channel for you.  It’s more or less first come first serve on what games are on where, except the one huge screen is dedicated to popular demand.  There’s enough TV’s to have every NFL game on.  The food has always been very good and the service has yet to disappoint me.  No reviews found on Tripadvisor, I did find a forum, link is below.

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View the site for Savio’s Bistro by La Dolce Vita

Savio’s Bistro by La Dolce Vita

Primary Food:  ItalianPrice:  Moderate

Location:  Kilometer 15

From the resort:  2 miles North

This is a real nice place you can go out for an evening without having a major impact on the pocketbook.  Prices range for entres range from about $15-$30.  And their dishes are wonderfully deliscious.  Service has always been excellent with friendly staff.  The views of the bay are terrific while dining outside.  Great italian food, terrific dining experience and reasonably priced.

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Restaurant Discount Card

Cost: $15 per person

This card is offered by Entertainment Plus in Cancun.  It offers nice discounts on food for certain restaurants.  It also offers discounts at Coco Bongo & Bull Dog Cafe.  The restaurants where you can get the discounts are:

Carlos & Charlies - kilometer 9

SeaHorse Restaurant & Bar - kilometer 9

Crab House Caribe - kilometer 15

The restaurant discount is: buy one regularly priced entree plus one other food item (like appetizer or ice cream) get one entree of equal or lesser value free.  If you dine before 5pm, you don’t need to purchase the 2nd food item to receive the 2nd entree free.  For more details here is the link:


The width of the land here is very narrow.  There is little room to build structures on the bay side.  The solution for Navios was to build their restaurant over the water.  The result is a cozy open air experience with beautiful views of the bay, most especially at sunset.  All of the food I have ever tried here has been fantastic and the service has always been top notch.  The restaurant also services drive up boaters.  There are private tables situated out on the pier that can accommodate 8-10 people.   Relax and enjoy friends and dinging while completely surrounded by water.  What a unique and wonderful dining experience this is for larger groups.  It is very peaceful and surreal and gives one the feeling of VIP treatment.

Navios -  Restaurant

Primary Food:  Mexican & Seafood.

Price:  Moderate.

Location:  Kilometer 19.5

Located DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from the Penthouses.  

Delicious food, excellent friendly service, amazingly beautiful and private dining experience.

View the site for Navios

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Called simply 19.5, this little restaurant may not look like much but what a gem it is!  The owner’s are a couple of younger guys and they know how to make great food.  I have eaten here many times and the food has always been terrific.  Joe is normally the owner that is there day to day.  His friendly smile is infectious.  He loves what he does and it shows.  It’s a very casual outdoor atmosphere as you can see by the photos.  They offer free wifi and electric for your tablets and laptops. They also have another business on site that offers a host of fun water activities like wave runners, parasailing, flyboarding and even kayak through the mangroves.  I usually get the angus ½ pound cheeseburger or the steak burritos.  Enjoy great bay views while you relax or even while you get some things done online.

Restaurant 19.5

Primary Food:  Mexican, American & Seafood.

Price:  Lower

Location:  Kilometer 19.5

Located DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from the Penthouses.  

From the resort: Across the street.

From juicy ½ pound angus burgers on fresh baked bread, to great burritos 19.5 serves great food at reasonable prices.

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