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Security in Cancun


I’ve heard negative things about safety in Mexico, is Cancun safe?  

Yes, fortunately Cancun has remained a safe haven for vacationers.  Media coverage has been very much generalized, often times using the word “Mexico” to describe events which tends to lead vacation seekers leery of going anywhere in Mexico.  This is unfortunate, because Cancun is not part of Mexico’s problems that have persisted in other parts of the country.  

Not only is the hotel zone safe, so is the city of Cancun where the locals live.  When our family heads down (my wife and I and our 2 younger boys), we always head into El Centro during our stay.  We give the locals much of our business, they have a terrific spirit about them.  I think this is what is so magnetic about traveling to Mexico.  The people appreciate you, they live in the moment and they have a terrific spirit about them.  My brother and I used to own vacation rental property in Florida.  When we discovered Cancun, we sold out of the Florida properties and never looked back.  It’s an amazing vacation destination in virtually every way.   

Do the resorts that the condos are in have security?  

Yes, 24 hour security.  As an example, if you were to order a pizza delivery, the driver would be stopped upon entering and you would be called by security for verification. Then the driver would be escorted up by resort security.