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Shopping Malls:

Kukulcan Plaza:

Location:  Kilometer 12.5

From Beach Paradise:  4 miles North

La Isla:

Location:  Kilometer 13

From Beach Paradise:  4 miles North

Plaza Forum by the Sea:

Location:  Kilometer 9

From the resort:  6 miles North

Kukulcan Plaza is home to one of my favorite restaurants, Ruth’s Chris. For Harley Davidson fans, there’s a dealership inside the mall.  Pull in to the street bordering either side of the mall, indoor parking is in the back.  

La Isla is hands down the coolest mall in Cancun.  As you walk through you get the feel of walking through the streets of a quaint and beautiful town with waterways, fountains and tasteful architecture.  While you’re there, why not swim with the dolphins?  You can do so right here at La Isla as our family did.  For movie buffs, there’s a nice multi-screen theater. Sometimes what appear to be statues are people.  When they move to strike a new pose it’s an eye opener.  

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This mall is home to Hard Rock Cafe, Rainforest Cafe, Carlos & Charlie’s, and Coco Bongos.  It’s bustling outside it’s entrance area well into the night.

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