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The Cooler

In every condo, you will find a nice cooler that is on wheels.  It is easy to pack up and take with you down to the pool or beach, because it pulls behind you easily.  It’s on wheels of course. When my family and I are in Cancun, we find ourselves using the cooler all the time.  It’s very handy.  Besides keeping your favorite drinks cold and snacks fresh, it does a nice job as a little table as well.  It’s a good height to use next to the pool and beach lounge chairs.   The handle is retractable.  The cooler is  approved for use at the resort and all resorts on this web site.  One quick side note, please use only plastic glasses which are kept inside each condo.  No glass is allowed by any of the pools or beaches, understandably.  


Quick Tip

Whether you opt for the all-inclusive for some or all of the days you are in Cancun or not, I do still recommend taking advantage of the service option of going to the the grocery store. Unless you plan on eating out throughout your entire stay, this will save you a lot of money because there are only convenience stores in the Cancun Hotel Zone.  

You can take advantage of the grocery store run via one of two options.  The traditional method of having my manager in Cancun take one or two from your group there (after arriving to the resort).  Or via the transfer company (directly from the airport - the far more popular choice). For info on going direct from the airport hover over the “General Info” and in the drop down click on “Airport Transfers”.  If you go with the transfer company they take you to a large grocery store, prices similar to Super Walmart.  If you go with my manager in Cancun then it’s the the Super Walmart .  Both stores have a good selection of alcohol.   

After Arrival to the condo:  With my manager in Cancun, only 1 or two can go in his vehicle: $50

Direct from the airport:  Via the  transfer company I recommend, all can go, they will give you an hour to shop and wait in the shuttle for you: $30  For more info on this it’s best to go to the “In House Services Offered” page by hovering over “General Info” then selecting from the drop down menu “In House Services Offered.